Engine Error - Item Editor

Hello, first I’d like to say that I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask this kind of stuff, but while familiar with the FE community, I can’t say the same for its hacking one, therefore this is the only place I know, where it feels somewhat appropriate to ask this.

While trying to make my first FE reskin, I got the following error:

ItemEditor: 0x44(0x80A4A0)
Although it is a weapon, there is no “Magic Animations (indirect effects)” item. There is a possibility of freezing in the map battle when the animation is off.

The closest thing I found to an answer was the thread “FE_Builder_GBA – If you have any questions, attach report7z”, on page 140, but when I do that, I’m redirected towards the Iron Sword in an Item Effect window, and changing anything in there seems to affect only the Iron Sword, not the item that’s causing the problem.

So yeah, I’d like some help with that issue, and if here is not the place to make this kind of question, I’d appreciate if you could redirect me towards where to ask this.

You were taken to the Iron Sword because the item you were editing doesn’t have animations assigned to it in vanilla. You will need to expand the list and change the item ID of the animation to the ID of the item you are trying to edit.

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Finally a tech question I can actually answer!!, so here goes

When you make a new item you’d need to assign it with an item animations, to do this with a physical weapon is quite simple, just click the assign magic animations in the item editor menu and you’ll be taken to the item effects table. If there isn’t space in the table you just have to click the data expansion button there. Anyways when you finish making the item type in the item ID (replacing the iron sword ID at the bottom of the list) on the top part like in the picture, and set battle animation to ffff (should be there by default), this will make the error go away

on tomes and 2 and more range weapons it’s a bit more complicated

Once again replace the item ID to the new weapon, next you’ll wanna input a spell animation for the battle animations there (javelin throws and arrows for bows are also selected here).

Ignore the ranged Battle animations part there as you wouldn’t see it normally unless you downloaded a patch.

If you only want to use the spell effects in vanilla you’re done here, otherwise you could probably look up a guide for custom spell insertion on feu.


Thank you both! I was able to solve the issue.

First, I want to clarify that the item in question was the one right before Flux, hex number 44. It’s strange that I needed to expand the animation list since the item technically already existed, but Permafrost’s solution worked.

That, however, led me towards another error. So after reading DATonDemand’s answer, I modified the range type to melee and the errors are gone.

I’m pretty sure the item before Flux is a dummied out FE7 spell, which is why it doesn’t have an animation assigned to it in vanilla.