Enemy spawns per difficulty?

I was basically just wondering if there is a way to have it so each difficulty will have a different set of enemies. Normal and Hard is easy enough, but the main issue is including easy/tutorial mode with it’s own enemies!

For two difficulties, it is possible with vanilla instructions.
However, for three levels of difficulty, there is no other way but to create your own branch.

You must use this instruction to create a branch.
If CHECK_TUTORIAL matches, you have an easy difficulty level, if CHECK_HARD matches, you have a hard difficulty level, and if none of these match, you have a normal difficulty level.

That’s what I thought to do too, but the check tutorial command seems to either not register, or (just a theory, since I don’t actually know how it fully works) it gets overwritten by the check hard mode command. Easy mode always seems to get the normal mode spawns.

If you haven’t already, you could try nesting one of the two difficulty mode checks in the section of the event that only runs if the check for the other returns false? Something like…

	[load Easy Mode enemies here];
	if {CHECK_HARD == True}
		[load Hard Mode enemies here];
		[load Normal Mode enemies here];

This isn’t really how FEBuilderGBA would format it visually, but I hope it conveys the logic clearly. The player can’t be playing on both Easy and Hard mode at the same time, so if the game detects that one of those difficulties is being played on, it doesn’t need to check for the other.
This setup should only attempt to load one set of enemies at the start of a map, but it’s possible something else is going on, which I wouldn’t really know much about.

You probably have the Tutorial disabler patch enabled. I believe this disables CHECK_TUTORIAL entirely.

See, I thought I had done this exactly… but it turns out that the ‘else’ part of it, was not part of the event template that I was using. Got it to work properly now, though!

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