Enemy rescuing unit and warping unit in FE6

  • Hacking method: FEbuilder
  • Base Game: FE6

So I have been trying to add a playable Guinivere into FE6, and I am blocked on how to implement her recruitment the best.

To be more precise, I think the best way to implement it would be to have Melady transporting her to fit the story. However, I haven’t found a way to actually implement it in FEBuilder. Is it even possible ?

I have also try to simply warp her next to melady when she joins, be FE6 seems to lack the SPEED option in the movement event like FE7, which means the camera awkwardly follow her when I move her next to Melady. Again, is there a way to circumvent this ? I understand that FE6 hacking is less developed than the other GBA games, so if it is not possible I will just make her join in chapter 14

Thanks in advance to the answers and apologize if the topic isn’t in the correct place

I tinkered around with FE6 a little on FEBuilder, but it’s been awhile. I think that Chapter 4 has an event where Narcian appears from off screen during the beginning of the map and the camera doesn’t follow him, so that might be a good place to investigate. Otherwise, making Guinevere join in Chapter 14 is probably the easiest solution.

I looked at the Nacian event and the dev “cheated” by locking the camera before is mouvement, wich doesn’t work in my case because the position of the event depends on roy position.
I’m probably gonna add her to chapter 14 then