Enemy levels

I am trying to poach the idea of enemy levels. I am trying to add scale the stats of the enemies so that of the playable units can still be challenged without just increasing their level. I know I can add stat bonuses to the enemy units but are there other ways?

:warning: dream of five was notorious for doing just this and effectively destroying experience point gains as a result

I don’t remember playing that but were the units so leveled that the PC’s didn’t gain enough experience?

Pretty much
You can play it yourself to see such a philosophy at work.
This isn’t to say it can’t work, but to suggest testing before committing

I’ll give it a look but my hack isn’t going to be the longest, only about 8 Chapters. I am doing that to just get some experience. I think the highest level a unit may reach with equal use might be level 12

Hard Mode bonus levels make it so the enemies are X levels higher than displayed. Eg. A level 7 enemy with a hard mode bonus for that chapter of 5 means the enemy will have the stats of a level 12 enemy.

This is what most people use. You can edit this bonus level in the chapter editor/table.

I also wrote a patch that applies some bonus levels to a specified unit. This is probably more useful for returning party members that have gotten stronger, but could be used on demi boss enemies that you don’t want granting extra experience, too, I suppose.