Enemies turning npcs into enemies in FEBuilder

So as the title says is there a was to turn npc’s into enemies in FEBuilder. Like an enemy walks up to an npc, talks to them and boom you have a new enemy on the field.

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Not off the top of my head but this is an interesting idea. You could use an AREA event or have a named character be the designation of “the walk up to this character” event line kinda like how farina goes up to hector in FE7.

There is a patch to do this.
But if you want specific, I’ll try to explain it as much as I can.

Step 1: Install patch: Aditional AI: Talk AI.

Step 2: Go to advanced editors and select AI.

Step 3: In AI, select AI-2 in the top left, then find 08.

step 4: Select the character you wanted the enemy or NPC to talk to, then
still in the same menu, find and double click “Execute conversation from enemy AI”
and click arg in its pop-up menu, then select characters from and to accordingly.

Final Step: Once you have the unit you want the enemy to talk to,
in unit placer, place the unit and then, place the enemy unit to talk with
and set their AI-2 to Ai 8. (It should be blank)
And then set their Ai-1 to “Do not act” (Ai-1: 06)
Then set a talk event in the chapter event menu. (Make sure you do this before testing)
Then test to see if it works, if so, then congrats! You just made an enemy recruitment event!

That is how I did it in my Myth of Blight hack.
If you want to have a more in-depth look into how it works, download my Myth of Blight patch and look at the AI menu in FEbuilder to understand how it works.
(It is a lot more simple than you think)

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assuming that it’s for a boss npc you could just script an enemy to go to the tile next to them, pop up a talk convo and make em change allegiance in the event conditions menu in builder. If you wanna turn more than 1 unit to red, you can do so by assigning the npcs the same unit name and just changing that unit’s allegiance, should be easy enough to do

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Apologies, I haven’t gotten that far in Myth of Blight yet (waiting for Onyx King’s Contract update for balancing), so question: Is this method affected by whether the green unit moves? The simpler methods all work relatively easily/with basic commands if you assume the green unit is just sitting still, since you could just do an area event.

If the AI’s 1 & 2 are set accordingly, the unit in question will move to the unit that it will
talk to and begin the event once they reach their target.

AI.1: 06: Do not act.

AI.2: 08: (Blank) Talk AI.

It is the method I use and it works really well if set up right.
Again, it is really simple once you do it.

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