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Hello feu, recently I’ve been messing with Febuilder with no general direction on pme’s and a FE hack that I would never finish on my own espcially since I don’t know what it’d be about. So today I’ve decided to post about it here in hopes people would be interested in a somewhat serious community hack/blitz and might wanna help.
I’d need map spriters,eventers,and writers and even some people who might be interested in making charecters for the hack.
Questions and thought can be expressed here or on discord

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aw sick, titties yes is finally coming out with another game!


Cool, sounds kinda like my Red Sun hack. I’m down for eventing/characters/maps/etc. I also have ideas for new classes for the hack, if you’re interested.

Unfortunately, the discord link seems to be invalid.


Yeah it’s inspired by all these group projects I am or was apart of. I’ll fix the link but if you got any ideas feel free to speak them. I feel before anything some world building needs to be done in order to understand the point of the hack.