Embedded Audio Clips?

With the music blitz contest going on it made me wonder if it would be possible to have embedded mp3s? Maybe embedded midi, too?

It’d be a nice feature to have if it isn’t too difficult to do.


According to the discourse official support, it should just work out of the box.


everyone always asks how to turn an mp3 into a midi, but no one ever asks how to turn an mp3 into a jpeg :pensive:


The error message just prevents uploading of non-images (and whatever a “.heic” file is) to FEU. You can still embed by hosting them elsewhere. Here’s some random stuff I grabbed off my dropbox.

The track won’t load, but the video works.

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We still can’t actually embed audio, as .mp3 and .midi files are not allowed to be uploaded.

(The embedded audio player shows up, but is non-functional.)


I haven’t been able to get audio hosted offsite to work, either. If you could possibly add .mp3s to the allowed file types to be uploaded, that’d be appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to be annoying. If the answer is no then please let me know and I will stop asking

I’m sorry, Vesly; Cam has something else going on for a while, so I’m afraid I’ll have to put this on hold.
We’ll give an update once Cam or someone else are looking into it. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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2 month bump (hope that’s okay)

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Sorry, things have been hectic in my life, this fell through. I’ve added mp3, mid and midi to the whitelist.



Midi test
symphony_41_551_4_©cvikl.mid (110.5 KB)


Oh, could we possibly have the ability to share .txt, .s, .asm, and .event? They’re all just text files - perfectly safe and small in size. Today I was sharing an asm thing that was too long to really paste in here. (If asm has more than 10 comments feuniverse rejects it. Comments start with @ so it thinks I am trying to tag more than 10 users lol)

Probably best not to allow .bat, though. Idk. I think executable scripts should be left on github.

You can use Github gists, pastebin, or the

inline code @a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i @j @k @l @m


For assembly files in particular, I’m also pretty sure that gnu as accepts ; as a comment delimiter.

inline code @a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i @j @k @l @m

I don’t understand what you did differently that made this work.

Edit: I was pressing on the </> code button and then pasting the code, which meant that only the first line was properly indented and understood as preformatted text. Oops.