Never really joined any FE communities before despite being an avid fan since Blazing Sword came to the US back in what, '03? I was a teenager then… Makes me feel old thinking about it. But I digress; I lurked a little bit on this site here and there, but it was really once in a blue moon until fairly recently. So I finally made an account!

Anyway, I dabbled in ROM hacking some years ago, and got daunted by my own project desires, so I gave up on that pretty quickly. Was too consumed with other hobbies (two of which involved writing fantasy stuffs and attempting to make a D&D campaign, neither of which went anywhere, so the world I was making never saw the light of day). But that may change!

In light of all that, and a want to actually finish creating that story and world I began writing so long ago; I started working on a hack a few months ago in what little spare time I have with life. It’s nowhere near completion, but if I ever get it to a point where I’m satisfied with the quality of the project I’ll release it still WIP. But for now it’s very early despite having worked on it on and off for a few months.

Original story in world I’ve been dreaming up for several years (and maybe even a world map if I ever lay a solid one I like out). Doing some, admittedly slight, edits to official animations. Creating my own portraits for the characters (well, they shall remain splices until I get better at making sprites… Working on it slowly… But hey, I’m trying to avoid just doing straight up pallet swaps, alright?). Already have some supports written out and whatnot as well.

And, just as a note, I’m intending to do this thing solo. So much of the stuff people have made here is amazing, and inspiring for me to try myself! I’m trying to work on my own skills and whatnot. The hack will likely be simple in structure compared to what I’ve seen others attempting/doing.

And, uh, yeah. Slowly trucking along into Chapter 3 of it. Much of it is not set in stone quite yet, and extremely subject to change since I’m not -quite- happy with aspects of it right now. Which is why I’m not releasing it in its current state. If I can get the first arc to where I’m happy with it, well, you can probably guess.


Hey, hey! Welcome. Also, for your project, keep in mind that a lot of the stuff that people post here, especially in the Graphics Repo thread, is free to use and edit. Don’t be afraid to pull from the resources handy, especially in your first project. Not to discourage you from making your own, of course, but if someone already has something that you see as useful, work smarter, not harder, is what I like to say! XD All anyone asks for in return is usually a mention in your credits.

But hey, if you’re confident in your abilities, you do you, and if you have any questions, lots of people here seem to be friendly and helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask. Oh, and of course, have fun!

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I’d always recommend when you have a chapter ready to be played that you (first test it yourself but) share it in feu’s discord #playtesting channel for feedback. Better to make revisions sooner than later, imo! :smile:

Welcome to feu

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