Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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Congrats on reaching the final release!
You’re now part of the 1%. The “I completed a hack” 1%.


Wait. It’s done? I thought there was one more tale.



There’s always another tale to tell.


Vba upped that number quite a bit


All jokes aside though congrats on finishing your hack! And I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future!


I guess it’s slightly misleading, this is actually the final version in gamma testing phase.


Oh, well congrats anyways


I will have it, i just love it.


Slowly but surely making my way through the list.

Bugfix Log


  • Sain using Igrene’s portrait in Sain x Wallace

  • Astor is still the deceased archsage.

  • Nils (bonus content) has Hector’s face and is described as a commander of bern.

  • When you speak with Merlinus in Tale Select, he refers to the tale as “Rebuilding Pherae” but the chapter is actually called “Pherae’s Reconstruction”

  • In Sands of Solitude, Igrene and Gorlois have generic palettes.

  • Chest opening glitch in Rath’s Tale

  • Enemies ambush spawn in Raven’s Tale pt. 2 on Normal Mode

  • Units cannot crit against a boss

  • Great Knight Short Axe uses spear animation

  • Silver card has Eckesachs’s description.

  • In A Leader’s Trials, the village that gives you the silver card has a glitched mug.

  • In Astor’s Bonus Tale, Astor has a generic palette.

  • Zephiel’s Tale doesn’t work.

  • In Kent’s Tale, the green Paladin has a Silver Poleax he can’t use.

  • In Karel’s Tale (map 1) and Legault’s Tale (part 2), in cutscenes, Everett’s portrait is used by an enemy general, who I assume is Montresor.

  • Lisbet’s death quote

  • Fargus death quote causes chapter to end and dummy text

  • Nils bonus content description

  • Hector portrait loaded in Arcard convo

  • Erk’s shitty double-agent plot line

  • Serra death quote in Pent’s Tale

  • Erk, Guy, Sain death quotes in Raven’s Tale pt. 1

  • Armory in Raven’s Tale pt. 2 doesn’t work

  • Game applies 1 RN to Normal Mode, instead of just Hard Mode

  • Killing Arcard ending creates infinite loop

  • New palette for Nando

  • Adventurer palette in Raven’s Tale pt. 1

  • Igrene’s portrait shows up for Sain in Jerrot’s Tale

  • Canto glitch


  • Lyn x Warner battle convo

  • Infinite loop in the end of Louise’s Tale?

  • Text for two houses to the south in Raven’s Tale pt. 2

  • Dan x Farina in Merlinus’ Tale has dummy text, and also Dan x Wil if Rebecca pairs with Wil

  • Conversation chain between Dan x Wil x Rebecca not working in Merlinus’ Tale

  • Final conversation between Karel x Kaherdin has dummy text

  • Lisbet’s Talk with Hector is the same as her village conversation if you recruit her by visiting with him

  • Lightning, Fenrir, Gespenst, Luce, Silver Poleax, Bronze Axe, Bronze Bow are missing descriptions.

  • In Sands of Solitude, when Hawkeye visits the house, a Lyn-Rath conversation plays.

  • Palette for Dieter

  • Re-visiting Shen’s house to get multiple Pugis

  • In Ivory Flower of Light, (part 2) Legault can still use the “Door” command after the door gets destroyed

  • In Guy’s Bonus Tale, Karel doesn’t have a mini portrait.

  • In The Archsage’s Pupil, the thief reinforcements have steel swords, but they have E rank in swords.

  • Some Bonus Content scenes don’t load

  • Finish ending event for Igrene’s Tale

  • Pent’s Tale make reinforcements ambush spawn in Hard Mode only

  • Polish up Rath’s Tale sans Lyn, maybe re-add Guy? Also need to double-check that all of Lyn’s alternate pairings trigger the right set of events

  • Is matchmaker updating support levels on the Tale Select map?


  • Add stat boosting events for certain Talk events to make them more useful


I played Karel’s chapter, and I faced weird bug and got stuck after using Rune Sword on Karla’s second clone. In Irine’s chapter, when the bandits arrive to the shrine Lyn x Kent appeared.


I finished playing through Legault’s tale, and I noticed some glitches that aren’t on the to-do list.

-When I killed an enemy with a Runesword crit from Legault, Legault had overflowed HP to ~185, causing his HP count to glitch out in combat. If he continued using the Runesword after this happened, he would be caught in an endless healing loop upon landing a hit. This only happened if combat animations were on.

-After I recruited Dieter using Vaida, Rebecca and Nino’s A support from the vanilla game played. It also might have happened in the conversation between Dieter and Everett. I think it’s one of those two.

-Various spelling errors in the script. Specifically, the spelling of Everett’s name is inconsistent among other mistakes.

-Right before I landed the killing blow on Montresor with Everett’s Hrunting, the conversation playing immediately after the battle where Opal smells smoke and oil played as a boss quote.

-Igor appears on the map following the battle in Part 2 despite having no lines or any indication that he was there. Is this a mistake?

-I know this is already a known issue, but only music plays for Everett’s bonus scene, whereas nothing happens for Nando or Opal.

Jerrot’s Tale

-Spelling/grammatical errors include:
—Tybalt: Hmm. Jerrot, huh? I’ve heard a lot things about you, kid. (Should be “lot of things.”)
—Jerrot: Don’t be mistaken, I intend to return to the mercenary service. (The comma should probably be a semicolon.)
—Wallace: It’s fantastic, I don’t think I’ve seen many warriors with your skill at that age. (Comma probably should be a semicolon.)
—Jerrot: But I feel really that I’m overrated, I have my flaws as well (Comma -> semicolon)
—Jerrot: I once tried to work on my mounted combat, I could barely stay on the horse, let alone fight! (First comma should be a period.)
—Wallace: A skilled arm like yours’ could appreciate it better than I. (Unnecessary apostrophe.)
—Jerrot: This is quite valuable, are you certain? (Comma -> semicolon)
—Sain: To have a woman of your calibur faithfully by his side through the thick of a rigid battle… (Caliber; calibur is only used for the Soul series)
—Sain: Your grace beside him in the battlefield… (on)
—Farina: Jerrot’s dating our little cousin, Fiora, we have to keep an eye on Jerrot for her! (First comma -> period)
—Fiora: Jerrot’s a principled man, I doubt he’d stray from Juno, even while apart (First comma -> semicolon).
—Soldier: It’s not our job to question where the paycheck comes from, we just need to earn it. (Comma -> semicolon)
—Sain: Why, by wielding this I’ll be able to seduce women instantly! (Comma between “this” and “I’ll”)
—Farina: It’s just Sain, he’s an ally. (Comma -> semicolon)
—Farina: Sain! Move it you dolt! (Comma between “it” and “you”)
—Farina: That’s strange, usually he’d be raving about how the color of my hair against the snow makes me look like a goddess… (Comma -> period).
—Farina: Wake up you fool, before you freeze! (Comma between “up” and “you”)
—Fiora: If you’re feeling better I see no reason to stay. (Comma between “better” and “I”)
—Fiora: I would think of him often,a man of the highest calibur. (Calibur -> caliber)
—Niime: It’s going to be a large one, I’ll need to use my magic to fight it… (Comma -> semicolon)
—Villager: Do me a favor, give this to our hero, Jerrot. (First comma -> period)
—Villager: My grandmother gave me this Elixir, in case I got caught up in one of the raids. (Unnecessary comma)
—Tybalt: Send my orders to the men, I want Jerrot’s head on a pike. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Tybalt: Jerrot will expose our entire operation, and get all the for stopping a "raid.: (Unnecessary comma; there seems to be a word missing between “the” and “for.”)
—Sigune: We’ve got Sykes here, he can testify against Tybalt. (Comma -> period or semicolon).
—Sykes: My name is Sykes, I switched sides after I met your commander. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Sykes: I was captain of a town militia, it was my duty to defend the town I grew up in. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Sykes: He demanded that I be transferred…Edessa’s forces, if I didn’t, he threatened to let bandits burn down the entire place! (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Sykes: I transferred and he promoted me to Colonel. (Comma between “transferred” and “and”)
—Niime: Mmm… I am Niime, the people refer to me as “the hermit.” (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Niime: My magic is keeping the blizzard’s intensity at bay, its intensity is bound to ebb and flow. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Knight: “The Manual of Knightly Prowess” by Sir Wallace, it’s a must-read for any Ilian Knight! (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Pegasus Knight: A renowned Halberdier, he sustained a heavy leg-wound…, everyone somewhat forgot about Tybalt after that. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Pegasus Knight: He’s Ilia’s only Wyvern Rider, supposedly he keeps a heated room in his castle just for the wyvern. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Pegasus Knight: I suppose it makes sense, a Wyvern would need to be given very special accommodations to live in the Ilian climate. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Tybalt: It was a sweet life, take food from the rations, and sell it to hungry people for double what it’s worth! (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Sykes: My conscious won’t let me steal from my starving countrymen any longer. (conscience)
—Tybalt: “Conscious?” (Conscience?)
—Fiora: He’s a fighter, if anyone can pull through this, it’s Jerrot. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Doctor: He lost too much blood, he had no chance of survival. (Comma -> period or semicolon)
—Jerrot: I can’t let this stop me, I have to keep moving forward! (Comma -> period or semicolon)

-The village that Sykes guards gives you gold, yet the villager in the conversation mentions giving Jerrot an Elixir.


Hey everyone,

I’m gonna be doing an interview with the host of FEE3 this Saturday. I figured I would open the floor for fans to submit their own questions about EN. If you have anything you’d like to ask me, feel free to submit your questions by replying to this topic.

Happy FEE3!


What was the first tale that was finished (in its final state) and you were like “You know, this is actually pretty good”?


In terms of freespace used, how long do you think the average tale is?

What do you think is the most outside-of-the-box or revolutionary thing that EN has?


What do you plan on working after the final version of EN has been completed?


I fixed the chests in Rath’s Tale


To those who thought the chapter wasn’t fair, it’s fair now


When the enemy Rogues open a chest, they spawn a reinforcement Rogue. When the player opens a chest they get one of two items based on luck.

I did also spend some time today working on the gameplay balance, enemy composition, and reinforcement timing to actually try to make the chapter more fair. But the Rogues hiding in chests have always been part of the map.


Oh hey, look. Ft. Mangs talkin’ shit in their little Facebook hugbox again.