Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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Aka Arch’s typical bullshit.

Happy almost 2017, everybody!


When the final version is released, will the patch be compatible with older save files? I’m enjoying the current version I’m playing, but if all that progress will be meaningless after the update I’d rather just pause now and play the entire thing when its done.

Also, great job so far, and good luck!


The 2017 patch you linked in the FEU direct isn’t patching. It seems I’m not the only one with this problem, someone in the youtube comments had the same issue.


Minor update, just a small thing I’d been meaning to do for a while. Color-coded commands (thanks FE7 for including this functionality by default).

Yellow = commands that you can’t perform another action after, Talk/Support/Visit/Door/Chest/Arena/Armory/Vendor/Secret

Blue = non-attacking commands that target another unit, Staff/Rescue/Dance/Play/Steal

Flashing green = commands that you can perform an action after (like in default GBAFE)


Are you getting senile?


It’s highly probable.


It’s okay grandpa, just eat your applesauce.

I thought you were pretty much done with adding new stuff?



Yeah but you have to edit hex still lol


Gotta edit hex to fix bugs too, so might as well add a quick new thingy when the opportunity presents itself since literally all I did was edit a few bytes.


Fair enough


This seemed like the most appropriate logo for the booting screen.








@Arch Did you take it down?

Nevermind, there is a working download at SF.




Slight update with the same link. The chests in Rath’s Tale caused a gamebreaking glitch. This issue has now been resolved. As it turns out, there was a missing piece of code that EA did not include in the disassembled file. This code runs after every chest opens to count the number of chest events that have been activated.