Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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Some minor touches to prove that I’m still working on EN and that it hasn’t been delayed to 2020. Balancing work/life/extra work is tough. Still hoping to have a new patch available for FEE3.


FrenchFroodle plays EN’s finale for FEE3 this year!


Hey everyone,

It’s been a hell of a last couple months - culminating in this hellish week, my family’s house was robbed the day before I’d planned to move out into my own little apartment. The thieves took two guns, $400 from my little brother’s cash stash, a New 3DS (with my copy of Smash), and, most importantly of all, the laptops that belong to my brother and I. That laptop contained all of EN’s source code, and the most recent ROMs. I’m typically fairly careless when it comes to backing things up, and it’s bitten me in the ass several times throughout the years. The most recent version of Elibean Nights that I’ve been able to uncover dates back to October, when FrenchFroodle LP’d the hack for FEE3. I’ve decided to release a patch of that version. It is still incomplete, with the last four months of my work essentially taken.

Here’s the download link for the most recent patch.

Trust that I still have every intention of finishing Elibean Nights, but those efforts have suffered a significant setback. Unfortunately, the event source posted to GitHub is largely outdated, and disassembling the events would be a messy endeavor - losing that source code means that there is no easy answer to the question of “how to move forward.” This is all rather unfortunate, and I am still grappling with this tumultuous time in life. Just know that I am safe and finally living happily on my own. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the development of this project. For several years now, it has been a labor of love - and the support that I’ve received from my colleagues and fans has been absolutely invaluable.

From the ashes of what once was, new opportunities arise.

Stay tuned.


Wow, that really sucks : /

Especially losing your vidja. (Though if you lost any digital games you might be able to contact Nintendo customer service to transfer everything to another 3DS if you get another)



Oh wow, that must really be an awful experience. If the police do manage to recover these stolen properties including your laptop somehow, will you be working on that one instead?


As someone who had their laptop and 3DS stolen several years ago: damn, that supremely sucks. Solidarité.

If you have the serial numbers of your laptop/3DS/other devices, give them to the police if you haven’t already. They can put the numbers in a database of stolen stuff so the stuff will come up as stolen if the thief tries to sell them at a pawn shop.

edit: Sincerely sorry; I wasn’t saying this in assumption that you didn’t know to do it. I never got back any of my stuff either, tbh.


Oh, that’s rough man, here’s to hope you get your stuff back.



All of my digital 3DS content can be recovered, yes. We’ll see what rental insurance ends up covering once the claim is properly filed – police report has the laptop serial numbers listed on their little missing items form. Whoever burglarized the place got a nice little score, I guess. If they get caught up trying to pawn them off, then they’re fuckin’ idiots. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I am not anticipating getting the stuff back (this happened on Tuesday, around 10am in the morning).


Good luck with that Arch! It would sucks if you can’t enjoy your little Smash now and every while.
Still looking forward to the full release.


That sucks man :frowning:
but here’s to EN coming back bigger and better than ever!


Thank you for the well wishes, everyone.

In the near future, I’ll be focusing on my return to development with FEXNA. I want “Elibean Nights: Final Draft” to be better than anything I could have accomplished with a ROM hack. It’s always been something of a sandbox, an ongoing experiment – now, I’ve got a fully-equipped laboratory. I’m hoping to add more achievements, more bonus content, and a codex (among other things). Perhaps I might even create a few new maps to play. Igrene’s Tale still needs to be completed, and I had work-in-progress concepts on a small story for Astor. There’s also the possibility of doing a sea chapter starring Fargus (maybe I could even add a Kraken boss or something?), and a story fleshing out the relationship between Athos and Nergal has also been considered in the past. It might be interesting to write a tale starring one of the FE7x cast members, as a homage to Yeti and all of the assistance he’s given me with resurrecting EN. Wouldn’t want to get too crazy with adding new tales, but it’d also be a nice way to inject some new life into the project. As always, the floor is open to any ideas.

Of course, I’ll be using FEXNA’s skills system and adhering to its mechanics. I’m also considering doing some sort of “personal skills” (ala Fates) for the main character of each tale. Following up on something I’d been doing with EN recently, I’d also like to add some type of formal system for handling equip-able items (like the stat boost items, Iron Rune, Delphi Shield, etc.). One thought was to add an “accessory slot” that you can only change/remove when moving the unit, or to treat “hold items” (what I’d been calling them) with a special indicator and have the game process the first one in the unit’s inventory (although that could be more susceptible to trade abuse).

I’ve recently acquired a replacement laptop (after maxing out a credit card in the process, lulz; hopefully that rental insurance check comes through soon enough), and I’ll begin experimenting with FEXNA in earnest once I manage to get an internet connection in my new apartment.


TRS style Shields would be a cool thing to implement, and I will always voice support for Fates style personal skills


Short of voice acting this is looking to be the one of the most professional and quality things that’ve come from the Fire Emblem licence and/or IP.


That’s a good news to hear at the very least. If you do do Fargus tale, will the Kraken be on par with FE7 Fire Dragon in size and stats wise? hehe


A kraken, huh?
that’s gonna be awks…


It’d be more likely that I’d have the kraken’s tentacles attack you from over the sides of the ship, and have it run away after taking enough damage. If I do that at all, idk just spitballing the kraken thing mostly.


You could always make it a survive mission with Fargus going down with the ship at the end


Sounds swell


That’s how I’d handle it as well.
Having maybe a central target which is a head and then tentacles in other spaces. Gives a sense of scale and multiple targets so you have to split your units.


Plz halp. Legault’s tale is unfinishable. Montressor doesn’t appear in Ivory Flower of Light pt2. Im stuck!