Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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…where is the swear? O_o


Eliwood said ‘bastards’. To be honest, I found it jarring too but after Yeti’s FE7x made multiple characters into sailors from Game of Thrones, it’s not that bad.


He’ll keep summoning Phantoms, one-by-one, until you kill him. As you can see, they now walk through walls. If you don’t take care of him early on, you might end up regretting it!

Back to writing player battle quotes…


140 hitrate, 38 goddamn attack. These fuckers could destroy a general if they ganged up on him. I pity the lone soldier.


#noclip #itsnotabugitsafeature


bastard is hardly a swear, it’s a term used to describe someone without a father


I always thought bastard was a swear .-.


it is
but i think if Eliwood went Edge-mode, this is what he’d say haha


It actually means someone born to unmarried parents.
Back in the day that was a big deal. Now, though, it’s kind of lost its impact and just means a terrible person.


It’s less that it’s ‘hardly’ a swear, and more that it’s jarring when you compare it to the rest of the lines you’d see in a GBA Fire Emblem game. They seemed to go out of their way to avoid saying actual swears (rightfully so, considering they were E-Rated games), and while this is just an opinion I feel that unless the intention is to subvert that, the spirit of it should remain.

The old translation for FE6 had a lot more foul language in it, and was jarring when, for instance, Ward called his own sister a “b!+*h” in his support with Lot (which, by the way, he is intending on marrying… you really don’t want to call your best friend’s fiance who is ALSO your sister that kind of thing). I, at the least, feel like that does the game a bit of a disservice when you could use much more interesting terms in their place.

That’s my opinion on the matter, at least.


this sounds like a very silly point to complain about
but w/e, I see no issue with bastards
guess we should be using dastards then


It’s been changed to “dastards” already because gotta namedrop the achievement. How did I not realize sooner how profane the word “bastard” is? My general philosophy is that if Shakespeare uses it, it’s fair game. Not this time apparently.

Also just a note that periodic EN Beta updates get posted to the Unified Hacking Dropbox more frequently than I make patches for them. You can find the latest version, as of today, and playtest Rath’s Tale if you’d like (and shout at me when it’s too hard).


I posted about the first two screenshots earlier in the spell anims thread (where you can download it); EN’s got some new dark animations. The first is Slime, an FE2 throwback that gives dark magic a non-Eclipse siege tome. Then, Dulam gets a new animation (both are made from spare parts of Demon Surge in FE8). Dulam itself is going to be change to a 1-range tome, just the redesigned Combust, changed to the new Flametongue tome (the name should sound familiar, lol), will be 1-range only as well.

I’m intending to add a new quirk to Tale 4, too, where Pent/Canas will examine the various ancient tomes and artifacts when those items are first added to their inventories (I need a new IFAT/IFAF condition, since apparently there isn’t one that checks “Item X in Character Y’s inventory” yet). This Flametongue tome was actually an attempt by Nergal to create a spell as strong as dragonfire, but he fell short and ended up making a rare B-rank tome instead.

As for Dulam, I’m strongly considering scrapping its current effect in favor of something new. Being a close-range Eclipse is kinda boring in this day and age, right? Not to mention that it’s an utterly useless addition. So, I’m opening the floor to effect suggestions for Dulam (because I can’t really think of anything right now).


Hm… here, have some (though I don’t know how possible they are)

  • Fixed damage tome (always deals damage equal to the weapon MT, ignoring user Mag and target Res, like Dragon Rage in Pokemon)
  • Status tome (Sleep?)
  • Defensive tome (like Munio in TLP)
  • Massive MT, but cannot double and cripples wielder’s defences (increases enemy attacker’s might?)
  • Like Eclipse, but deals 1/4th of target’s MAXIMUM health instead
  • Absurd MT and can’t be countered but damages user / reduces user’s HP to one (more suited to a siege tome honestly)

Also, if actual Flametongue was 1-3 range, why is your Flametongue only 1 range? Especially since there are no close range only tomes in actual FE.


Because now there’s a close range tome in FE, silly. It’s Nergal’s failed replica, so of course it isn’t nearly as functional as real dragon breath.

I did like some of your suggestions, and might look into the fixed damage for Flametongue could be neat.

Anyways I wanted to wrap up one last animation before I call it a day (all this scripting’s giving me headaches, lol). But anyways, it’s a change in functionality to Niime’s Grimoire. Everything looks as it should in the first screenshot, but now Niime can attack with it too! It borrows the black hole effect from FE8’s Naglfar, and cannot be countered/counter-attack, or double. It’s 1-range locked, too. The tome still grants its defensive boosts, but now its uses are finite so you’ll have to watch your usage. Basically, it should be strong enough to peck off anything that’s been weakened without fear of retaliation on a miss.

Unfortunately there’s one more glitch to sort through. I had to do a mockup that last screenshot because uncounterable weapons/magic default to attacking at siege tome range in the battle sequence. Even if they can’t attack at a distance, period.


Didn’t we manage to separate the uncounterable from the siege-tome setting? I’m so sure @Crazycolorz5 or someone else managed to fix this.


I don’t think so; Jesus managed to separate out the cannot double effect, but I don’t think anything’s been done in regards to battle display (which apparently checks 0x80 uncounterable bit to display long long range, even though it does that automatically at attacks beyond 4-range anyways…).


Shoutout to @Brendor for being a total bro I owe him one bottle of aged Jameson Irish wiskey.

Ye olde FE3 Dulam is returned (I think FE6 Eclipse does this too), and the second pair of screenshots are a new addition to Pent’s Tale thanks to @CT075. Now, when Pent/Canas first get one of the new tomes/artifacts in their inventories (Pent comments on anima tomes and weapons, Canas on dark tomes and the emblemoligist items) they’ll share a brief analytic blurb.

Also we’ve got some news on the lighter side of things.

Yes, another light spell made from pieces of Ivaldi since that’s all I really have for spare parts.

Introducing Exordium; it’s based on a light spell from TRS, actually (called Prelude, “Exordium” is a fancier word meaning the same thing). The spell cannot counter-attack, and cannot be countered, much like the Grimoire (except Grimoire is 1-range locked and gives stat boosts). The weapon icon is borrowed from @LordGlenn’s open source offerings.

The second I’ve got planned is based on one of @Crazycolorz5’s modular battle demonstrations; a “Reflect” spell, which mirrors the enemy’s weapon might. I’m looking at using a recolored version of the SNES Resire animation for this spell.


[9:56:30 AM] No-Bark Noonan: 0x51FB2
[9:56:43 AM] No-Bark Noonan: change it from 0x80 to 0
for anyone interested, this is how to fix the battle range issue with the 0x80 “Unconterable” weapon bit

Uncounterable weapon glitch?

you are a hero