Elibean Nights - CANCELLED

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thanks you so much
will you use teamviewer?


I’m just a newbie


It’s all good, no worries.

I’m currently working to get a stable version of the hack out. I would encourage everyone to wait until the final release, as some of the more recent patches are relatively unstable.

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Thank you
I love the series FE6 - FE7
When you finish this hack, can you hack the FE6, and add some FE7 character like Eliwood and Hector (dont let him die :frowning: )


I doubt arch wants to do that, especially since hacking 6 is awful and maiden of darkness is pretty much doing that already.

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“Not letting characters die” isn’t exactly my cup of tea (see: all of the on-screen/implied character deaths in EN), but if you’re looking for that type of experience I would highly recommend @Onmi’s Maiden of Darkness hack. It seems like the exact sort of thing you’d be looking for, since Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn all join the party in this retelling of FE6’s plot.


Thank you, i’ll find that rom :smiley:


December 21st: I will be posting the final public beta here on FEU, which anyone is welcome to participate in. The patch will be complete, content-wise, but may still have some minor bugs to iron out. Any glitches uncovered during this final phase of development will be addressed and a final patch will be released. My goal is to have everything finalized by the end of February (at the latest).

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years. It’s time to finally finish EN! #HiHoLetsGO #BreakTheCurse


On 2012-12-21, the world ended.͏

Four years later, EN got released.


Everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

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Is the final beta released, sir…
i couldn’t see your new post…



Aka Arch’s typical bullshit.

Happy almost 2017, everybody!


When the final version is released, will the patch be compatible with older save files? I’m enjoying the current version I’m playing, but if all that progress will be meaningless after the update I’d rather just pause now and play the entire thing when its done.

Also, great job so far, and good luck!


The 2017 patch you linked in the FEU direct isn’t patching. It seems I’m not the only one with this problem, someone in the youtube comments had the same issue.

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Minor update, just a small thing I’d been meaning to do for a while. Color-coded commands (thanks FE7 for including this functionality by default).

Yellow = commands that you can’t perform another action after, Talk/Support/Visit/Door/Chest/Arena/Armory/Vendor/Secret

Blue = non-attacking commands that target another unit, Staff/Rescue/Dance/Play/Steal

Flashing green = commands that you can perform an action after (like in default GBAFE)


Are you getting senile?


It’s highly probable.

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It’s okay grandpa, just eat your applesauce.

I thought you were pretty much done with adding new stuff?