Editing the Title Screen Difficulties[Solved]

I’m working on the title screen for our hack but I wanted to take a shot at editing the Fire Emblem logo itself, not just deleting it and making a static image in place of the background. Here’s what I changed.

is now

However, when I use GBAGE to insert the right image, the game hangs on the title screen as it starts to load graphics. Oddly, the music keeps playing. At first I thought it might be a problem with indexing the colors, so I took steps to assure they had the same color tables. I did not Import Palette when inserting the graphics with GBAGE. I don’t have an image of the hang because I restored backups taking any, but I can provide one later if someone wants to see.

My best guess is that it might have something to do with the fire effects that get overlaid on the FIRE EMBLEM. If anyone knows how the title screen works, some advice or a solution to make it function would be greatly appreciated.

You might try asking Primefusion (Minimal editing), Blazer/Astra (Heavy editing) or anyone else with a custom title screen via PM.

If you think the flame effect is the cause, try inserting a version without the flame text.
When I worked on mine I didn’t run into any game locking issues, I just couldn’t get the flames to line up with the title. Though, in my case, I think it was more due to the fact that my title is kind of long. IIRC, I couldn’t get the flame text to fit.

My only problem is that I don’t know which one is the flame effect. I’m guessing it’s the one running down the right side. That’ll be the first thing I try when I get home tonight.

Yeah, the text on the right is the flame text, dead center is the main text, and the blacked out stuff is the shadow.

With some help from Can of Worms, I now have a working title screen. It took a little repointing and a hex edit here or there. By the way, the shadow graphic called on the title screen is NOT the one in that image, it has its own location in the rom at 0x66AB48 that must be altered to display properly.


Thanks for the help.


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Any chance you could detail this little bit of repointing and hex editing?

I can explain the repointing but not the hex edits. I’ll ask Can if he can explain what he did later.

So the main issue was that the new graphic was too large, so I inserted it and the shadow into some freespace, then changed the pointer for the title graphic to its new location.

The hex stuff had to do with fixing an 8x8 flames tile that was drawing itself outside the new logo. That’s all I know. Otherwise, the flames lined up first attempt.

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So the reason we had to do any hex stuff was that there was a square of flames that was being drawn on screen where it shouldn’t have been. You can see it to the left of the A:

Here’s what Can had to say about what he did to fix that flame tile:

the hex data I changed is related to the OAM vectors the game loads
like I said the F in the normal title is cut off, so the game uses part of the first E in emblem to reassembly it
so the edit changed which graphic is pulled (in this case we just want a blank spot so it points to a blank tile)

Hope that helps with your title stuff too.


Can anyone post the complete procedure to achieve a title screen editing on FE6/FE7 ?

With which software and with which steps can we locate/get/edit/insert the title screen image file ?

Thanks for the help.