Editing Map Palettes

Here’s a not-so-brief video explanation on editing the palette of an in-game tileset using GBAGE and Usenti. While I’m guessing that this method is on the cusp of obsolescence thanks to Yeti’s excellent tileset tool, it always baffled me how rare it is that people bother to change the palettes of their maps, so I’m posting this anyway. It’s an easy way to give flavor to an FE mod’s setting that unfortunately isn’t utilised more often. And for the love of all that’s good, for those who use FE8 colors in their portraits (such as myself), don’t doom your portraits to being superimposed upon FE7-palette maps that are washed-out in comparison.

While this can honestly be explained just as well in pictures and text and doesn’t need a crappy hushed voice narrating it, I find it helpful to have things spelled out in video form, so there are probably others who feel the same. For that reason, I was thinking of making a video on music insertion next— it seems like a topic that would really benefit from being in video where one can explicitly see everything that’s being done. There is a very high chance that everything I want to explain has been done before, but you can never have too many in-depth explanations on how to do things we sometimes take for granted.