Editing FE8 Class movement sounds

I’ve been trying to edit the movement sounds of different classes for a while now. I’ve patched Nintendlord’s patch in, added in the pointers table to the file, used the nightmare module that was made here (And made the pointer the same as where the table is), and yet even when I do it twice over in a clean rom, I can never get it to work. It just keeps playing the normal sounds, as if nothing has happened.


The pointer at BE4B4


The location of the pointer

Am I doing something wrong? There isn’t much documentation on FE8, so I have no way of knowing…

Hmh, I wish I knew something about this.
And I also wish somebody helps us, because this is some crucial information we need.

It looks like what Nintenlord’s patch edits isn’t actually responsible for the walking sound

looks like it should be 0x807883C, not 0x80BE45C


This is what is at that offset, doesn’t seem to be an area where an offset linking to the table would go (Except maybe in the bottom bit?)

Nintenlord’s patch doesn’t write there so it wouldn’t

So are you saying that Nintenlord’s patch should patch to 0x807883C instead of what it is right now?

0x8078D6C actually but yeah

So how would I go about changing where the patch goes to?

you need to make a new patch
It looks like his algothrim wouldn’t even work for FE8
I dunno wtf happened

Right, I guess I’ll have to just assume I can’t edit the movement sounds for now, and work around it…

I could take a crack at making a new patch if you want

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That would be very helpful! I’ve been adding in a bunch of new classes (Pegasus Knight Lord, Lots of Armor Knights/Cavaliers), and I would very much appreciate it if you did!

Unfortunately I’m waist deep in other stuff at the moment so I’ll need some time to actually get around to rewriting everything