Edit How Tiles Look on Mini-Map?

In FE6, l wanted to change those wild frontier maps so that the tan dirt tiles are considered Land, while the grass stay as Plains. I got it all to work…however, the problem with that is the mini-map looks horrible due to the Land tile being considered a corner. If l could just have the Land behave like the Plains in terms of mini-map appearance, the final step would be complete.
So, would anyone happen to know a way to change how a specific tile looks when viewed on the mini-map? Hopefully, l just couldn’t find the one place that talks about it, yes?

I think it’s easiest to change the terrain of the tileset rather than change the displayed minimap.

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If l’m understanding you right, l’ve already done that and it’s why l noticed the mini-map problem to begin with. l already clicked on every tile l want and changed them to Land, it’s just the archetype of Land is considered a corner when the mini-map is generated.

Yes, so do that again but to a terrain type with the minimap appearance that you want. You can always rename terrain, too. Maybe “ugly corners” would be an apt name for the “land” terrain :smile:
I’m sure there are many suitable replacements.

Ahh, l see what you mean. Unfortunately, no, there really is no fitting alternative for a project that wants to use all of the map tilesets. The selection is really rather tight, as well. lf l take and rename Sand, then what will l do with the desert? lf l hijack Glacier, then snowy places can’t have frozen lakes. And, that’s not to mention how Glacier isn’t really viable either because it’s treated as water. l mean, Sand is a good idea for a last resort, but l don’t think l’m that desperate for it yet.

I renamed Plains to “Ground” personally and I see no problem with that, I use it in caves and things too.

True enough, but the effect l want is the battle grounds to look different between grassy and not grassy. It’s moreso about how l think it’s odd the battle grounds are so grassy when the map is kinda barren, but l still want there to be grass when there is grass.