EA Text Inserting Breaking ROM

Hey all! I’m a super-noob in FE modding and I’m currently just following the Ultimate Tutorial 2 to try and get off the ground. Everything was working really well until it got time to edit some text. When I try to run the hacked ROM it just freezes up on a white screen. My buildfile is REALLY plain:

#include eastdlib.event
#include "Event Assembler/AntiHuffman_Patch.txt"
#include "Text/Install Text Data.event"
#include "Tables/Table Installer.txt"

I am just trying to edit Eirika’s name so I only have 2 lines in my text modification file.

#0x212 RubyName

To build the ROM I used the following CMD file:

@echo off
cd %~dp0
copy "FE8_clean.gba" "FE_hack.gba"
cd "%~dp0Tables"
c2ea "%~dp0FE8_clean.gba"
cd "%~dp0Text"
textprocess_v2 "text_buildfile.txt"
cd "%~dp0Event Assembler"
Core A FE8 "-output:%~dp0FE_Hack.gba" "-input:%~dp0ROM Buildfile.txt"
echo FE_hack has been built.

No warnings appear at the end of building the file so I’m not sure what’s going on. When running the ROM into HxD I notice that the String “Ruby” starts at 0x00000000 (which I’m 99.999% sure it shouldn’t be).


I would really appreciate any help! I know that noob questions are a pain to deal with but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

The first thing I see is that your buildfile lacks an ORG command. This tells EA where it should write data. Without one, it just writes to the start of the rom and breaks everything. For now, write ORG 0x1000000 to the top of the buildfile, which should write all your new data to the end of the rom instead of overwriting pre-existing data.

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Oh damn, I deleted that because I thought it might cause problems with where the text gets inserted. I will feel like such an idiot if this is the solution. One sec.

Yup, just made the BIG NOOB play. Thank you so much. There will probably more dumb questions from me throughout the next few weeks. :sweat_smile:

Everybody starts somewhere. Happy hacking!

If you ever need more help with buildfiles, feel free to hop on our community Discord server. There are plenty of us there who can help you with silly stuff like this.

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