E3 2017 - lots of swords

So the Nintendo E3 presentation just finished. There was FE Warriors footage, which showed us a bunch of 3DSFE guys. And Marth with pants. All using swords. yawns

In other news, there’s a release date for Mario Odyssey assuming Nintendo doesn’t delay it and Metroid Prime 4 had a logo shown. Yep. Go nuts about any E3 presentations or grouch about Warriors excluding your favourites.


Best part of this E3, the YouTube comments on the Prime 4 reveal trailer

Yoshi and Kirby looked fun
Mario looked great

I’m waiting the remake of advanced wars, But looks like it’s never going to happen

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Ya know im actually far more excited for mario and kirby then i am fire emblem warriors at the moment. hell even the rabbids and mario crossover… THING, that no one asked for leaves me a bit more interested then what they’ve shown and said about warriors.

Also: Metroid 2 remake confirmed. Metroid’s back, everyone.

AM2R must be rolling in its grave.

One @MCProductions waifu, just for you!


Metroid Prime 4, Right?

Metroid Prime 4 just had a logo. After the main presentation they revealed a remake of Metroid 2, complete with actual gameplay. It looks pretty good.

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I would like to see, Metroid Prime Fusion

Metroid Fusion’s remake

Hi, I’m here


Do you have a metroid with or on you?

Lol? Hahaha are you the remake or the old one?

He’s the prime fusion

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I’m the hype