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I already have a topic set up on SF, but what I have might help here as well.

For example:

Here are some map sprites I put together.

First off, the female Fighter and Warrior. I’m sure these are fairly common among GBA FE sprite topics, but I wanted to try my hand at it. I stuck with the hair bun because I liked that style the best for these sprites.

The Merchant, however, is a more original endeavor. It’s the result of a concept of making a self-defense-viable version of the Transporter, obviously based on FE13!Anna as a model. That’s why I used the female Myrmidon’s head.

If you would like more details or want to offer critiques or suggestions, feel free.


I’ve only seen the FEGirls FemFighter animations because you pointed them out, so the similarities are coincidental.

seriously, I only thought the hair bun was kinda cute…and practical

I definitely like the merchant sprite, although my only ‘complaint’ (if you can call it that) is that it’s not a redhead. I’d love to see a male version of it too.

Well, in case you’re curious, here’s a redhead version:

I originally went with blue hair so if one wanted, the Merchant wouldn’t have to be Anna.
A male version is in the works, as well.


Hmm. I like the merchant being a viable sprite for a female Soldier class as well (especially a Soldier class that shows the face and looks better than using Ephraim).

We now have a male Merchant!

yes it’s based on jake not merlinus
I kept the overcoat thing the female Merchant had, but added a yellow strip (cuz I imagine he’d keep it open slightly instead of closed) and toned down the way the bottom flares out so he looks more manly.

I used the GBA Fighter’s head as a base, because it looks very similar to DS!Jake’s appearance. I also used the same “rule” for the feet as the Archer classes.


Is the merchant going to get a battle sprite?

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