Drawing is sexciting

Sister thread to Alusq’s.

Except, unlike glorious Alusq, I don’t always have the ability to scan pages each day, so this won’t actually update every day.

And I also don’t have an easy way to check the thread for requests, but if you have any put them down and I’ll try my best to remember to actually draw it.

To-Do List:
-@BlueDruid’s Orius
-@AlfredKamon’s Trainee Trio, Sae’Rah, Andre, and Djambo

[√] Alusq’s Eline
[√] Crazycolorz5’s ‘Young Lilina being cute’

Now, since I saved these as huge-as-heck images, uh, I’m going to be linking most of them. And by “most” I mean all (edit: removed huge image)

The originally embedded compilation-of-many-things image,



‘Mary Bloodrose’,

A little mistake became a character design,

Lucia Reis [Mostly my illegible scrawl],

Emoting Eilia Aler

And lastly, Tayhine being annoying by existing.


omg your style is so cuyoot everyone looks so chibi and adorable and ( `≧ω≦´)

Can I have an egomaniac-moment and request you draw Eline, one of my OCs? (references: 1 2 3. The design differs between the references, but №1 is the most recent)
also, I’ll sprite one of your characters in return

I like Elina’s design 2 more.

Draw Orius, one of my OCs.

Also give him a shield that has the pattern of his minimug.

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That mug looks gorgeous, bro.

@2WB: Maybe draw the trainee trio from Midnight Sun? :slight_smile: Andre, Djambo and Sae’rah.

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d’aaawwww thanks, bro.

I don’t want to spoil myself by opening the rom, can you send me their mugs? :V

edit: nvm, got them.

Sorry, I’ve just read the message.


Lilina 1 (imo bad)
Eline 1 + 3 (imo not great)
Lilina 2 (i loved this one)
Eline 2 + Lilina 3 (and this one)

and a lyd which was mostly because “oh hey i don’t have any drawings of lyd in this sketchbook”. also not very nice.


Hoooooooly goodness these are amazing. @ш@ Thank you!

So cute and chibi I love them ^ω^