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Hi there! My name’s Dragz, and this is a dedicated thread for any ASM/C hacks I make.

Awakening Style Durability

Have you ever been annoyed by that unnecessary -- / -- display for weapons or items with infinite durability? Well so have I! So much that I made a quick hack in C to remove it.

The lengthening of item names is displayed in the stat screen and item menu, but unfortunately in other menus (trade/supply/etc) there isn’t enough room on the screen to expand it.

For buildfile users, simply #include AwakeningStyleDurability.lyn.event anywhere. For FEBuilder users, insert AwakeningStyleDurability.lyn.event with EA.

For future versions
  • Make -- not display in the supply menu and trade preview for unbreakable weapons.
  • Widen trade preview menu. I believe this is the only other menu in the game where I have the space to expand it.
  • Fix compatibility with Gaiden Magic HP display. This one will likely be a much larger undertaking.
  • Change shop display to accommodate longer weapon names.

Download link (with source code!)


Ya know, now that I think about it, I don’t really get why some games even have that thing. Nice to see it.


Okay now I’m sold


Advanced Editors → Insert EA → Select the main .event file, often named “Installer.event”.
It’s good practice to try this before releasing your hack, as your installer may have used definitions that are included only in the buildfile part. Common ones to include for me are eastdlib.event, the procs file, and callHackNew. For example, if you type “Eirika” in your ea, it will work in a buildfile (as “1”) because it already includea eastdlib.event. From glancing at your buildfile, I’d also encourage you to install custom things to a separate folder than skillsys things as this will make updating skillsys easier.


Got it! Thanks for the tips.


Would you mind adding the source code to the download link too? There is something I’d like to try.

Also, it still displays -- for the durability of unbreakable weapons/items in menus.

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Thank you for the feedback! I’ll add the source code to the download link once I fix several bugs, including the -- display in the item menu you mentioned.


11 days later and I’ve addressed your feedback! --/-- no longer displays in any item menu for unbreakable weapons, and the source code has been added to the download link.

What did you want to try with this, if I may ask?

Edit: right after posting this it turns out durability still displays in the supply menu. I’ll look into fixing that later.


As a side note, the patch now seems to mess with the HP cost display of GaidenMagic 2.0 spells.


Oh, I see, I see. I really like this idea!

I’ll look into fixing this patch’s compatibility with Gaiden Magic, though it will likely be a much larger undertaking.

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