Dragon's sprites

Hi guys! :grin:
As I said in the introduction I’m creating a topic about my portraits and other stuff for sharing and ask for feedback and critique.
Older ones
Evelin Leonard Henry Nathan Aidan Nicolas Sasha Jasmine Frank Isabella Lee Sofy
More recent
Ariel Byron Cornal Costantine Darius Evelin2 Lee2 Marylon Theonir 2 Vencel Opal Leo
Please let me know what you thing, and how I can improve them. They are also free and if you want to use them, just give me the credit, please :slightly_smiling_face:


Hot dang! These look awesome. I especially love the center one.

Thank you! :grin:

For the most part, you’ve got the appropriate size for the heads down, minus a few - as well as positioning/angles; that’s a great start! There are a few clashing pieces, however (the middle far right has awkward hair and a broken neck, for example). You also don’t do any corrective shading when merging parts (along the forehead/hairline, where hair overlaps clothing, etc), and your palettes are a bit all over the place - some colour choices are great, whereas others are muted/lack contrast, or contrast far too much.

All in all a great start, and I love that all of these are formatted. My personal favourites are definitely your first two and the middle far left - these show the greatest technique and colour choice of the bunch!

I would suggest, going forward, start studying shading to practice your corrective shading where you are splicing parts together, and pay more attention to proportions - the second portrait in the middle for example has a very big head for the body, and even bigger hair for the head. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with next!


Thanks a lot for the advice, I will try to improve them :slightly_smiling_face:
If i can ask you a question, how can I do a corret pallete and a correct shading an where I can learn about them?

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Not Zanryu, but to give my answer on the first part of the question, it’s one part a bit of color theory (just search that phrase) and the other just some trial and error mixed with, at first, looking at the style of what you’re working in* and adjusting values until it looks right.

*For example, FE7 portraits have more muted, less saturated (for the most part) colors that make up the shades in them, whereas, FE8 portraits are much darker and saturated in comparison. Most people tend to go more for how FE8 does it because Intelligent Systems figured out that they appear better on screen (and also had to account for a backlight once the GBA SP came out).

But, it’s more important to just know that, if you want to do a portrait in one of those two ways, it’s helpful to refer back to how the developers did theirs (though, IS isn’t perfect) to get a sense for the amount of variance and contrast you need between shades. Once you feel like you have a good grasp on it, then you won’t need to go back and reference anything (as much - references are there to help) and can whip up a color ramp in your own sytle (unbeholden from how FE7/8 did theirs) on the spot just by changing Hue/Saturation/Brightness and then adjusting the RGB values to be GBA-complient and, if it doesn’t pass the eye test, changing the values again to be darker/lighter to make it look right.


I’ll try to look to the original portraints and I will change some of mine.
Thanks for the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for that, Glenn. Spot on.

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Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:
I tried recreating my portraints, one by one
Studing color theory, shading and Fe’s originals
And here’s what I made
Henry Henry
Nathan Nathan
(Still have to make mouth frames and chibi…)
Please let me know if they’re better or not and if I improved myself…


Big improvement! I’m not a fan of the armour colour on the first myself, but that’s a design preference. The shading still isn’t perfect, but you’re getting the idea!

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Is it okay if I use that first portrait (the pegasus knight with the long blue hair) for a character in my hack? Thank you!

Nice going! I like your mugs a lot.

Just so you are aware of it, I will be using a few for my project, if you don’t mind.


It’s ok for me, just credit. :smile:

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i’m not really sure what happened here, but whatever it is, i think we’ve seen enough of it.

i’d like to remind everyone that, if you’d like to show off your own art, you can do so in your own thread.


Well reading this thread was a clusterfuck. Sorry your thread got spammed like this, Dragon.

I think you could use some help with anti-aliasing and placing hair on heads (a lot of this seems splices, which isn’t inherently bad, but when the hair isn’t matching up with angle/anatomy of the pose, it’ll look off and requires manual fixing), but beyond that, it’s a good start. I hope to see you improve more in the future!

Have fun
Don’t die


My sincerest apologies that your thread got turned into… that…

But if you’re looking for critique, I’d say the biggest thing is anti-aliasing around the hair. There seems to often be just a sharp transition from hair to skin colors and it’s not very smooth.

Other than that, just make sure angles of the all the shapes youre splicing are consistent with the other angles of the portrait.

And while this isn’t necessarily critique, dont be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you make a mistake, you’ll learn from it. If you find something beneficial, then way to go!

If you need clarification or just general help, don’t be afraid to post it in #spritans on the Discord server. Good luck!~


I’ve just read the emails and I don’t know what to say, I’m so sorry for all what this caused… I joined the FEUniverse to learn how to design, create and writing my hack and its art asking advices to all of you.
I have to thank those who supported me, thank you so much. Grazie Mille
I will post something today for sure, hoping to have understood all you advices, and you will probably going to hear me again on Discord.


Why are your posts being deleted later? I hope I still have your permission to use your mugs.


Yes, no problem, sorry


No no, don’t be sorry! It’s not your fault in the slightest. This person has caused trouble in FEU before, and it seems they haven’t learned their lesson. I hope that the future is more fortunate in your pursuit of improvement. 95% of the community is very supportive, so I hope that he didn’t give you a bad impression.