Does anyone still have these documentations?

Not sure if anyone here visits or have visited markyjoe1990’s website. He has a documentation area on his site that has a list of things like portrait numbers, song numbers, class numbers, etc and they no longer load properly. I’ve been using them as reference for a while now and was wondering if anyone has them or know where I can get them. I know I can get all the information in nightmare but it was a lot easier to just pull up his website than to open nightmare and navigate through everything.

His Female Shaman animation is also gone, which sucks because I need it.

Try asking him about it, he redirected me back here after I asked him whether or not he still has the documentations.

Why don’t you just open the .txts in the Nightmare folders?

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In fact you can replace 47 command with 01 command yourself.

Huh…you’re right, don’t know why I didn’t think of that, that was a big brain fart of me