Does anyone know who made this mug?

I was hoping someone can tell me who made this mug. She looks alike Idunn but it is not her? I like her for a role in my project, but I don’t know whether she is free to use or not. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I don’t know about that mug, but it looks like a recolor of this mug from The Last Promise, made by Blazer:

Someone other than Blazer may have made it/posted it somewhere. But as far as I know, TLP mugs are not free to use.

However, both the TLP version and the version you posted are not all that different from vanilla Idunn. Shin has made blinking frames for all the FE6 characters, here is Idunn:
This is free to use. If you want a character to look like this, perhaps use this as a base?


Oh, I see. Thanks a lot. That’s exactly why I asked, because I don’t like using stuff that is owned by other members.

Well, they do look alike. And so vanilla Idunn comes to the rescue. :slight_smile: I will give credit to Shin for the blinking frames.

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