Does anyone know how to convert these images to insert it?

Hello, I was trying to edit and I took the time to put on Hector’s face as a general, unfortunately, I did not insert, I just edit the image.

people! What can you do with this? one small sample


( program paint )

You should edit the individual frames instead of the processed sheet, editing those directly can cause problems.
FEBuilder is able to dump animations with all frames.


Paint is not recommendable for spritework, with systems like the GBA the order of the colors is more important than the colors themselves, you need a tool that can respect the order (and ammount) of the colors you are working with.

You can probably get it to work with paint, but if you want to do it properly I suggest you change tools.
Usenti is a free alternative that was actually designed for handling this type of graphics so that’s what I would recommend.