Does anyone here have Shin's patch for Fire emblem 4

alright so recently I have been intrested in finding patches or hacks for FE4. I was thinking about getting FE4 remix but I didn’t want to get it because it makes ulster and his replacement axe fighters(stupid i know). The link found on serenes forest is down/dosen’t work. So I am going to ask the FE community if they had the patch. If you do have the patch could you kindly upload it into a google drive and send the google drive link in the replies.

it’s in the directory so it’s most likely that someone has it, check if that links directly to serenes or to another download page

If you have a Serenes account, there is a mirror a user there put up.

If you don’t want to make one, I’ll mirror it on my dropbox.

thank you do I put this on a cleam japanese rom?

More specifically, a clean rom with a header, with a filesize of 4,194,816 bytes.

the game isnt working on any of my emulators

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because I’ve heard many people having trouble with getting 1.94 to work

on snes 9x i get a bad checksum error