Does anyone actually intend to do anything with gained hacking experience?

so uh a lot of fe hacks are really well designed and are well written too so I was wondering if anyone actually intends to do something with the experience gained from this community in a way that is profitable.

  • I intend to become a game designer
  • I intend to become a coder
  • I intend to do something else with the knowledge gained from FE hacking
  • I already have a job in game coding, design, etc.
  • No, I just like making new game from anime chess, you’re thinking about this too much
  • why do you make polls every week?

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Ignoring my vote, this is just a hobby for me, also i dont dedicate a lot of time being productive.
Besides, i just went for the spriting path, so yeah, doubt i do something profitable in the future

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I would like to make a fully fledged game at some point in the future too but I don’t see hacking as the stepping stone to that since I could’ve done that a long time ago anyway. For me hacking is its own joy. I wouldn’t call myself a game designer though since all of this is just a hobby for me rather than something I’d want to turn into a career, otherwise it wouldn’t be as fun for me.


I’m using this experience for design work in general. Aesthetics have always been something that interest me even though I’m usually ass at it, I’ve taken multiple traditional pencilwork courses, three years of Ceramics in high school and want to take more on college campus if when the pandemic is over.

I’m also writing a novella in my offtime, and doing portraits gives me a visual reference for characters that I otherwise wouldn’t have any references for. That’s the big takeaway for me - having a visual reference for characters that don’t have one rn.


I voted for becoming a game designer, because that is my dream job. I have always liked the idea of telling stories and creating a world of your own. Hacking helps with making those ideas and dreams a reality. Hacking makes you learn quite a few things about game design and also a couple of obscure things as well. An example would be the hexidecimal numbers that FEBuilder uses. I sorta learnt counting in hexadecimal numbers, thanks to FEBuilder!

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There is stuff beyond hack?



I mean, by “I intend to become a coder”, I sort of already am a coder, does that count? But the reason I am making a Fire Emblem hack is not because I want to learn from it, it’s because I like Fire Emblem. So you’re thinking about this too much?

Well I AM actually studying IT now, so, yeah.


Why do you make polls every week?

Polls are fun. Keep making polls every week! I’m making my Fe game just for fun. I would like to be a game designer, but for tabletop games, so I’m not sure it counts.

I’m a spriter/character designer, not an actual hacker, but I do plan on making my own fully fledged game… eventually. Working with Zoi on Hiraeth has given me lots of opportunities for both practice and experience at what I do, and insight for the development process, albeit at a smaller scale.


I like engaging with the community, it’s fun to see other people’s thoughts on things.

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Given how much time I’ve spent in the community, I’ve grown a lot since when I first started. Not to say everything will transfer over 1:1, but there’s many different departments in hacking that taught me how a game functions from the inside and out.

I’m currently making a few plans myself, but it’s
great seeing people find their way with all that they’ve acquired throughout the years from their passion in FE (and perhaps other inspirations).

If there is one important thing I’ve learned, though, it’s not for everyone, and I apologize to anybody I basically preached to about it. I know the “strive for more” mentality probably has irked a lot of folks who are just in it for fun, but it is both scary and exciting to think about.

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:’( no one wants to code, y? Game Designers have to code too, though

If we could choose more than one, I’d pick that one, too. Being able to do just about everything for a game would be wonderful. Not to say help isn’t appreciated, but the more the lead can do the better.

I am the hack. But I am also called The Beginning.


I only hack for clout


i romhack so i can lord my powers over randoms on the internet