Do you like chess?

You like fire emblem(i hope) which is called anime chess all the time so do you like real chess?

  • yes, I like non-anime fire emblem
  • no, I do not like Fire Emblem 0
  • I’m completely indifferent to chess! (coward)

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I dont play frequently, but i used to like a lot chess, probably even before from starting with FE.

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I like chess but I’m definitely better at Fire Emblem than I am at chess

Chess is always pvp or against overpowered AI

Pvp and chess engines are scary

Also fire emblem has more game variety with the board having different layouts, unit placement, terrain, and gimmicks etc.

Sure chess enthusiasts will tell you that every game of chess is unique and that there are more possible configurations than there are grains of sand in the world. but the way I see it, every game starts the same way and has similar tactics & strategies. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hell out of chess, but I don’t really like studying it or anything. I’d enjoy finding more ways to abuse the AW2 ai than to face off against one that would always beat me.


I love Chess! but it’s more of an enjoyable hobby now instead of an all-out obsession. I used to think I was pretty good too, but now Fire Emblem is what takes up most of my free time. lol

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I suck at chess but I like it. It’s a cool game.

That reminds me of the fact that winning against an engine is impossible. Not only can they plan every possible move in the world out and learn the consequences of your every move, but they also do not make mistakes. Mistakes make a chess game exciting, because it causes something abnormal. I feel the same way about fire emblem. The game would be boring if you got the best odds every single time. Engines in chess did not only beat us at chess, but they also beat the fun out of the game. :confused:

Of all things, this made me ponder a “what if” scenario involving chess but with terrain.

I don’t know how to move the chess units.
Also, I think it’s a glitch that all units have only 1 HP.

Shogi unit introduction (Fire Emblem style).



I have the biggest love/hate relationship with chess.

no chess is for nerds you nerd

idk I’ve played chess on occasion throughout my life, I forget everything every time and while I think about playing it now and then nothing ever comes of it.