Do you cheat?

When it comes to cheating, I…

  • Never use cheats
  • Only use cheats when bug testing
  • Sometimes use small cheats for personal preference (eg. remove fog)
  • Use cheats freely

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When it comes to savestates, I…

  • Never use savestates
  • Only use savestates for bug testing
  • Sometimes use savestates just to avoid BS
  • Use savestates freely

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is cheating when bugtesting even cheating is my question

but savestates I have only ever used when playing dream of five
i think you know why


Some bugs are almost never caused if you are not using state save.
If you are using a state save, you are not resetting, and I have seen bugs that are caused as a result of RAM contamination.
That would not occur if you reset at least once somewhere.

If the AutoSave Patch is used, there is little reason to use state save, but if this patch is not employed, it is a pain without state save.
As for cheats, I think you can use them as you wish.
It is a way of playing.
Just like food, anything is fine as long as it tastes good no matter how you eat it.

Well, first of all, I try to play normally, and when it becomes troublesome, I use cheats.
Not so much in the case of FE, but RPG Hack’s works often have a broken game balance.
In particular, bosses that are set as extra content after the game is cleared are often adjusted to be lvl 99.
Raising units to that level is tedious, so that’s where cheats come in.

As for anti-cheat in FE, there are two methods I have done in Kaitou.
I use two methods to determine cheats.
One is if you have an invincibility item for debugging.
The other is if you complete the last chapter in less than 3 turns.
The final chapter takes more than three turns no matter how you do it, so clearing it in three turns is inconceivable except by cheating.
In this case, the content for cheaters is displayed a little differently than when the game is cleared normally.


I try and not use savestates that much during playtesting, but i’ll put down savestates if there’s a certain chapter of interest i wanna go back to in the future or if there’s something i wanna savestate so i can reload to test it out until something works.

I know dealing with Fire Emblem bs is part of the experience, but there are mechanics I can’t be bother with, like money, personally I don’t want to think about money in my game but for well thought out Fe hacks I restraint from using it.

Oh and also, I like giving Fae all the gems.

I more or less use save states freely like if I made a wrong choice or missed a dialogue/conversation. As for cheats infinite money cheats for life baby!!! But other than that though not much else.

When it comes to using saves states the thing is that I’m not playing a Fire Emblem game for a real challenging and frustrating experience, I’m playing the game to relax and enjoy myself. That’s also why I play on casual mode a lot of the time as well,

As for actual cheat codes I’ll have to go with no, while I don’t play fire emblem for the challenge of it I still don’t want the game to be easy and generally that’s a cheat code’s purpose.


Does using febuilder count as cheat

I use cheat quite some time, mostly when I play TLP because a bug made a unit of mine get 0 HP at the start of a chapter, so I have to cheat to prevent the death of that unit. Otherwise, I think using cheat is ok. Even Arch himself has to use cheat while playing demo game :slight_smile:

I sometimes use save states when playtesting. I want to see how different scenarios play out, such as what if that 50 hit and 30 hit landed on my unit.

LOVE me some save state abuse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use states very little, mostly against crit-happy bosses or minibosses who can and will ruin an hour of playtime with a single bad roll. I don’t generally use them at other points. I don’t think I’d enjoy the game more without them. In the harder maps, no amount of savestates can salvage a bad initial strategy (at least without making it a save-scumming slog, which I hate doing), so they aren’t much of a factor at all.