Do we do an introduction?

Hey, I’m fishlunge. I’ve lurked around here a bit, but never bothered making an account.

I’ve been messing around with FE Builder for a while now, working on, I guess you could call them projects, but mostly just messing around with the program trying to figure out how it works.
I’ve also done some sprite splicing. Nothing particularly fancy, interesting, or… good, but stuff that works for my purposes.

I probably won’t be that active here, especially with school starting up again soon, but I’ve been doing more hacking stuff in my free time, so I felt I might want to make an account in case I have any questions.

So, uh, see you around? I guess?


Hi and Welcome fishlunge! :3


Insert generic Marth recruitment line here

In all seriousness, welcome aboard.


Welcome @fishlunge :grimacing:

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Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you make.


Welcome @fishlunge :slight_smile:

I haven’t been a part of this community very long either, but I’ve seen how supportive everyone can be so I bet they’re glad to have you.

Personally, I have no idea how to hack, but I love seeing new aspiring hackers. I hope you’ll have your own project someday!


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