Do NEED more than FEBuilder?

Right now im just hacking as a chill side project that’ll probably only be shared with friends. How far can i get only using 1 program? Im not trying to make something low effort, i just know im more likely to finish if im not having to learn how to use multiple systems.


Probably not. I made my first hack with FEBuilder as my only hacking program. You may want to use something like Usenti for sprite edits, but gameplay wise you don’t need anything other than FEBuilder unless you want to make drastic changes from GBA FE.

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I assume that when you installed FEBuilderGBA you installed some other programs with the init setup wizard.
For example, you need sappy or VGMusicStadio to play music.
To install EA patches, you need EA or lyn.
You also need programs like midi2agb or midi4fixagb.
You need an emulator to test play the game.
But you should have installed them all with the init setup wizard.
Therefore, you are not already complete with only one program.

I mean, i dont really count the emulator since i had that for playing gsmes anyways, but I guess ill look at those others

I believe 7743 still speaks through machine translation so sometimes things get messed up.

“Therefore, you are not already complete with only one program.” I think should just be “you are already complete” and on with the quote.

Installing all the options with the setup wizard of FEBuilder gives you everything you need to create a complete hack out-of-the-box. As someone who has made two small personal projects with it, it is absolutely an all-in-one as long as you let the installer give you the other programs mentioned as well. If you’re only intending to make personal or small projects for friends, it will prove more than sufficient, especially with the bevvy of patches it comes with.

As an aside, when using the installer, I would suggest letting FEBuilder install your emulator too. Using my own caused the FEBuilder debugger to not work with it. You don’t have to use it to play your project forever, but it will help with playtesting and bug-squashing to use the emulator it comes with.

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Ok that’s comforting lol. I already struggle keeping my eyes from glazing over when trying to understand hexadecimal, i didnt want to tax my peabrain further with unnecessary programs.