DIY AI logic in ASM and Three-Houses-Monster-similar design Problem

Hello guys, my name is Mokha, and I’m trying to create a 2*2 monstter similar to those in FE16: Three Houses.
Since four grids has shield separately, my idea is to create 4 unique units on map, and stitch them together to make them look like one huge unit, and let them share a common BattleStruct by modifying the battle formula in ASM.
The current difficulty I encountered is the problem of AI. If make four units unite as one, it is necessary to design AI action logic to achieve that four of them always glued together in the settled arrangement.
However, I failed to find the way to design AI logic by ASM. Senior Carzycolorz5 did such a excellent job on interpreting AI logical document but less interpretion on ASM fundamental.
Where can I find Totural, or existing achievements to DIY AI logic at the ASM level?
thanks a lot!