Dismount Idea

[1:37:16 AM] Arch: okay so I’m looking at dondon’s thread and like
[1:37:40 AM] Arch: now that people have been hacking at menu commands and such maybe a real dismounting feature is actually feasible now?
[1:37:50 AM] Arch: I mean it’s just a “change X class to Y”
[1:37:55 AM] Crazy Colorz: Wait
[1:37:56 AM] Crazy Colorz: Yeah
[1:37:57 AM] Crazy Colorz: I can do that
[1:38:03 AM] Crazy Colorz: Wait
[1:38:04 AM] Crazy Colorz: Dude
[1:38:04 AM] Arch: and you can only use the command if the class being changed into
[1:38:08 AM] Crazy Colorz: I can do that
[1:38:11 AM] Arch: can traverse the tiles you’re on
[1:38:25 AM] Arch: then it’s just a matter of “horses can’t cross floors”
[1:38:31 AM] Crazy Colorz: lol
[1:38:40 AM] Crazy Colorz: So you have to dismount outside the castle
[1:38:43 AM] Crazy Colorz: Arch
[1:38:44 AM] Arch: yea
[1:38:45 AM] Crazy Colorz: I’ll do this
[1:38:47 AM] Crazy Colorz: next week
[1:38:49 AM] Arch: WOOOOOO~
[1:38:51 AM] Crazy Colorz: Remind me, k?
[1:38:56 AM] Arch: sure thing


Horses/fliers not traversing floors can probably be done by setting their movement attributes across indoor tiles to be untraversable; all the menu command has to do in this case is to check to see if a dismounted unit is on a tile that can be traversed by a mounted unit.


If we’re doing menus that change classes add an item check and make FE3 manakete

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They’d still need some sort of timing mechanism to transform them back after X turns. If they can just stay transformed forever, it’d be kinda OP?

But combining that sort of feature with venno’s weapon lock system, you could lock the dragonstones to the base Manakete class, and the specific stones to the specific dragon classes so you can’t transform and just use any old dragonstone. Wouldbneat to see this in action too.

Very exciting! In the meantime I’ll finish up the actual class-changing, stat-adjusting bit.

edit: And finished. Now to test it…