Disabling the minimap?

I heard from a bird that someone had made something for this.
I want to disable the minimap for a certain chapter.
Can anyone enlighten me on this hack?

Check Hextator’s doc and the FEditor doc; it should be there. If it got lost, let me know and I’ll try to reverse engineer it from EN

It should be definitly there. I used it myself for my hack.

So I can’t find the FEditor doc and Hextator’s doc thread is comical (No really, if you’re new check it out, it’s a good read.)

Is there a way to disable the minimap in FE8? My whole hack kinda hinges on hiding information from the player.

I created FE8U version.
Unlike the original, it can also be set with a flag.
I Supported all GBA FE.

Disable MiniMap(Install)
Disable MiniMap(Edit)