Diplomacy with the Japanese Fire Emblem Hacking Community


I have read the contents both on SF and 2ch, and I feel sorry for that it came to a war as the end.

I don’t know if it is correct to say that, but the letter itself is annoying in some aspects:


->烈火ifの作者様へ or 日本人の方へ

Calling someone directly without any words like 様、さん、方、君 and so on is quite impolite, you will be regarded as a guy lack of education and in a bad manner. Of course I know you have no intention to offend them indeed, but communication with foreigners is much more than just translating a sentence in a languange to another.

There are also other inappropriate places in the letter, which makes them feel offended.

I have to go outdoors now, I’ll be back here in several hours.

Discussing Intellectual Property
Language Discussion (Possibly Through the use of Language)
Discussion on the Japanese Mindset for Hacking
The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA

Do you think you could be up to the task of helping our relations with the Japanese FE community? I’ve been wanting to contact them and join our efforts in hacking for quite a while, but it’s been too difficult to talk to them…


Leave it to the ignorant Americans to bungle the language, hahah :stuck_out_tongue:

Tons of thanks for clarifying that. I wish there were a way to get in touch with the guy and say that it was all just a misunderstanding. We truly meant no offense.

Language Discussion (Possibly Through the use of Language)

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Normally I wouldn’t be so strict, but I do want to be able to use this thread to be able to direct Japanese hackers to, so I think we should try to keep it tidier than usual.

To be clear, I want to keep this on the topic of: “Plans for outreach to the Japanese community.”


I am really surprised that I become a guy who bring sth to you. :smile:

However, the fact may take all of you by surprise. JP hackers have concluded that the event of sprite stealing was planned by the author of fe7if himself. He posted the thread on SF to reveal his own theft and expanded the influence in order to attract others’ eyeballs. It is clearly that Agro has been regarded as the author of FE7if by them (I guess Agro will feel unhappy on hearing of it). As a result, they have no hostility towards English community at all, so sth such as diplomacy is not needed.

By the way, how unfortunate the author of FE7if is! He is considered as a hypocritical guy who is always self acting and directing. The tragedy of a hacker. (In the reality I guess the author of the wiki is himself, too.)

名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。:2015/01/26(月) 12:57:59.44 ID:mfeenKBe

Which means the graphics in FE7if is stealed from oversea and the story is also too simple and boring, so the high regard for his hack must be designed by himself.

名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。:2015/01/26(月) 13:16:04.15 ID:mfeenKBe


Which means the event on SF is designed by himself.

名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。:2015/01/26(月) 14:25:38.25 ID:3vg4JtBD

A hack by theft can be ranked S? It should be Z.

名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。:2015/01/26(月) 18:24:43.98 ID:plLKyOYt

The guy is always self acting and directing.

To conclude, I think the author of IF has been persecuted severely by your thread on SF. :sweat:

And there is no dignity against the English community as you expected. They even talked about your hacks and spoke highly of them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No diplomacy needed.


Being regarded as the Klok of his fandom really must suck for the poor guy :stuck_out_tongue:


The difference of thinking modes between western and eastern is so huge and interesting:

You only regard it as a “holy war” to protect your copyright, so you unite to fight against them, so simple. Let’s gooooooo!

But they consider it more complex. Usually a conflict of copyright is only a problem between the original author and the theft, only 2 persons. None of anyone else’s business. But why it is posted publicly? There must be a plot in it. We have no interests in it,so just play with yourself and do not to bother us. Boring~


I think we’re a pretty tight community and all help each other most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t imagine us being so independent!


Yeah, there are different cultures in different places.I have been in English, Japanese and Chinese community for quite a long time. Each has its own atmosphere and rules. In jp hack, communication between hackers is much less than here and there is no special forum on gbafa hacking. They often visit English forums and chat in a public bbs like 2ch. Because 2ch is a public and anonymous bbs, so words in bad manner or the appearance of destroyer is not strange to us and you have no way to punish them. Ignore is the most common attitude towards them. That’s why I am amazed that you take it seriously and thought all jp hackers are evil, rude or sth like that.

For an instance:


Scroll down, and you find what?

Extremely annoying destroyers showed up and the talking on hack cannot be continued so no way but to leave for a new thread.

That is the japanese attitudes towards rule breaker—don’t waste time on them and let them alone. It is actually pretty silly to fight with offensive words on 2ch like you did on SF. Even Japanese have nothing to do if offended by others on 2ch, what can you do as foreigners? Don’t be silly.




Now that it seems no hostility towards us and they don’t support IF and the author has already gained a bad reputation, why not leaving that event past?


I disagree. Even if there is no hostility, we still don’t have any real contact with them. I’m not even sure what forums to go to, even… But we do need a good outreach to them so that we’re like a friendly community, as opposed to being neutral and out-of-contact as we are now.


Of course you don’t know which forum to go to because no special jp forums for gbafe hacking. 2ch is a public and anonymous bbs that everyone can use it for any topics. If anyone of you want to contact them directly, it is the only place you can go. However, as I have mentioned above, anyone can say anything on 2ch(even he or she is not an actual hacker), with no punishment on them. If there are unfriendly comments on you, can you keep calm? That’s what I worried about. The problem may deteriorate again.

As far as I am concerned, maybe it is a better way to just edit that old thread on SF to display your apology and hope. Because the link of it is already widely spreaded on 2ch and everyone reads it to find out what happened several years ago if he is curious, maybe it is the easiest and most efficient way. I confirm that there are many jp visitors on SF, too. They can understand your kindness.

You may need to express these to them:

1.What you need is only an asking for permission, so simple. And you are willing to give them the permission if asked.

2.Why a permission is necessary? Feelings of a spriter, hard work to make your own work unique and so on. We have discussed quite much on the thread of copyright.

3.Tell them how to get a permission. If his English is poor, give him a template.

4.They are welcome there.

I find @Agro 's Japanese is pretty good, I am sure that he can take the task.(I also can help to modify some places I think may be improper) After all, that thread was posted by him and the letter was also written by him, so he is the best one to express the apology and sincerity in the views of Japanese.


Maybe if its still kind of a hot topic on 2ch and people still look at that one thread, maybe you can write an ‘update-post’ on behalf of the Western side? just my 2 cents


@Agro maybe you should have Misaka proofread the edits first :stuck_out_tongue:


It is not a hot topic because it is a really old event. Someone just mentioned it last month. I think it is the release of the latest game named Fire Emblem IF that lets people find the event again. Just enter IF in the box of a search engine and then FE7if appears. To be honest, it was a big suprise to me when I heard of the next FE for us to play was named IF by Nintendo & IS (even the meaning of the word IF is the same!). A theft of creativity? :stuck_out_tongue:
It is certainly that I am looking forward to it.


I think we can, if we go in with the mindset to make friends and connections.

I’m not worried about sprite theft or whatever happened in the past. I’m looking toward the future, possibly developing tools together, and sharing info on game calculations and hacks.


Since they became modified versions without permission, you may not get every original artist’s okay. In that event, we could set up a little crowdfund and $50 could fund a commission to get 3 new replacement sprites for FE7if.


it would be cool if FEU had a japanese portal but i guess that’s kind of wishful thinking haha


I’m becoming more and more convinced that FE hacking is like the Walking Dead and we’re the residents of a community that actually works together. Everyone else is just out there for themselves.