Dies Emblem (feat. lowres) [4/?]

People get isekai’d if they are killed. - Emmett

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Hello chat. I am BigMood, also known as SigmaRaven on discord. You may know me from my various projects that are hard/poorly designed enough to force people to immediately quit. I am here today to recruit members and/or idea(guy)s for a new project idea, Dies Emblem, where you, dear reader, literally die (in game).

Life Story You Have To Scroll Through Before Getting To The Recipe

Back when I wrote Isekai Emblem, I had in mind that it would be humorously subversive to create a hack based off of a literary device that is, in modernity, panned for being associated with lazy writing and problematic tropes, and simply produce a straightforward story. I thought the gap between the presumptions pushed by the title and the actual content would be fun.

However, I had made a grave mistake.

You see, up until recently, I was not a really active member of the community. And now that I am, I have realized that you lot are a bunch of depraved lunatics. Every week I will inevitably feed my cats, crack open FEU, and open up some topic like “Hey, how can I best introduce incest into my project” or “Why does Fire Emblem not have more glasses characters” or “Vtubers”. I open up discord, people are talking about Clippy mpreg. Another discord server pings @everyone three times in a row. There is apparently a hackrom shadow government that cancels people from behind the scenes and exerts pressure over all of hackrom creation. I think I joined it by accident.

This is when I realized that the entire community should die…and be reincarnated into an isekai because you guys would make great material.

The Actual Project Idea

Dies Emblem (working title) is a godawful project concept in which everyone submits not their OCs, but themselves to fucking die and be reincarnated into a continent-spanning adventure. I am looking for a mixture of people who just want to be put in a game that (lovingly-ish, maybe) makes fun of them but also for people who would like to contribute joining maps/mechanics/an unrealistically sexy self-portrait mug. (Note: There are currently more than enough people volunteering assistance, and a game like this shouldn’t actually look too good or it ruins the point lmao. However, all offers are still appreciated, and I’ll reach out to ask for those who offered if needed.) This is not going to be a PME, this will be an entirely original story/setting focused on everyone getting back home, or, like, not lmao


Please just post in this thread with how deep you wanna be in the shit (actually contribute work or just have yourself be reincarnated as a filler unit), as well as whether you would want to stay in a fantasy world or try to return to your original world, just so I have some sauce with which to do a route split and make this project genuinely impossible.

I reserve the right to reject anyone from actively contributing who I think would work poorly with me (basically anyone because I am a notorious soloist), and I reserve the right to reject any standalone submission who is not funny enough. If you’ve been banned from at least one community (that isn’t this one), you’re probably funny enough, but you should maybe work on yourself and gain some self awareness before applying because I will absolutely ask everyone who has interacted with you to help roast the shit out of you (lovingly-ish, maybe).

if this actually gets off the ground and gets completed i’m probably a god and everyone should add me as a deity in their worldbuilding notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once I release any chapters on this FEU thread, I will not be entertaining requests to alter your existing material or remove you from the game. Anyone who wishes to undie must notify me before their chapter comes out, as death is not so easy to undo. However, people can request to have no further speaking lines at any point after their chapter(s) come out.

New Mechanics
  • Weapons: The weapon types in this game are Swords, Polearms, Knives, Bows, Firearms, Demon Sect Martial Arts, and Items (which include bombs), as well as a Gear slot that occupies the fifth inventory slot. There is no magic. Knives use the greater of STR and (STR+DEX)/2 for damage, while Firearms use only DEX.
  • Vehicles: A new unit type introduced for this game, Vehicles are units that must be crewed to be used properly. For the most part, vehicles require a driver to move, and at least one passenger to fire mounted weapons. The DEX of the most dexterous passenger is used when operating vehicle weaponry.
  • Trauma: A unique system (so far) for Dies Emblem, trauma is inflicted on soft, squishy FEU users when they’re forced to kill other human beings. This inflicts a massive mental debuff for future maps, as well as causing the unit to immediately be forced to leave the current battle. Later maps will feature Mandate of Heaven stacks, which allow each unit to kill X number of enemy units before suffering trauma as a result of successful wartime propaganda.
  • Personal Funds: A truly FE4core mechanic, units cannot trade with each other (would you trust your fellow FEU poster?), and instead must sell and purchase items from a pawn shop (unit) which becomes available early in the game. Each unit has personal funds, which are displayed in their unit info on the fourth page.






yeah okay kill my ass brother :+1:


I hear a truck approaching my location at high speeds




Why not, I’m in.
(Since you need specifics, I’ll help in with map creation and sure, I’ll be a unit who wants to remain in the fantasy world).


yeah sure why not

Edit because my reading comprehension is absolute garbage:
yes, would want to stay in a fantasy world, and will probably only contribute the sexiest spliced portrait mug of myself


would love to get murder



I think there’s like 15+ people who could absolutely roast the fuck out of me in the feu discord lmao. I’m fuckin in bro lmao. I’d like to put xil, plant, rlc and Husbando emblem as my top roasters if yall’s willing


I would love to die.


With a project concept like this, what could possibly go wrong?


yes‎ ‎


Let’s die, let’s meet up and die. Let’s die. ASAP.

(i can also make decent splices and tilemaps if they’re needed)


I’d love to become a corpse.

I can help with anything, really - insertion, minor portrait making, map making/insertion, up to you. If the choice is independent, I’d want to go home, but I’d probably just follow the majority if not.


bigmood, hit dev of three fe fangames, officially loses it all, plots the death of MULTIPLE feu users for next project


can I submit someone else to be sent to LT hell haha no specific reason just curious haha


No but if you join us in hell I can assign a legally distinct substitute to tell you to shut up


I would be so down. I have a small request though, I wanna be an armor. A staff armor. For no reason in particular… totally.
Edit because I forgor: Yeah, I’d probably just stay in wonderland.


Time to represent the GOAT himself.

Edit: I can help with maps :+1:


You know I’m down to help with whatever you need help with, (which knowing you, won’t be much.)
And of course I’d want to stay in the new fantasy world. Especially if I died to get there.
Now that I think about it… I can’t think of any isekai where the MC tries to get back to their own world after dying to get there lol