Dies Emblem (feat. incest) [10/?]

Oh, just call me pitfall if my submission gets in, so They don’t confuse me for actual arden.
I also have Autism. I say stupid things.
I would definitely stay in wonderland or whatever, cause real life is trash.
we are about to get flooded because of a certain continent melting anyways.

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Oh he still doing submissions? I just figured 400+ comments later he wsn’t lol. I would like to throw my name in the hat as well! @BigMood

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Hello gamers. I am hereby announcing that Dies Emblem is cancelled for April Fools Day. Again, this announcement is specifically for April Fools Day and Dies Emblem definitely is not actually being cancelled. Thank you for understanding.

(Announcement posted early for eastern audiences.)


And here i was expecting Dies Emblem Eroge smh


See, this is why I’m wanting to avoid releasing the final chapter of FotF publicly on April First lol.
Damn internet is gonna expect a rickroll or something XD >.>

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I share my real names with a lot of characters. There are a lot of Jasons and Godwins, but not many Godwyns.

Edit: I just thought of something. If my famous hatred of RNG in video games (and how often RNG screws me over) was incorporated into the game, would that be hilarious or what?

As of the latest update, Dies Emblem is now playable through Ch 10 for Isekai mode. Going forward both difficulties will be developed simultaneously. We thank you for your patience in these diesing times (especially since the game is probably bug-ridden as fuck now).


Game crashed on chapter 5 trying to load Krim onto a bike in preps. Playing on isekai mode

The log says “subsurface rectangle outside surface area”, whatever that means lol


Yeah this is a funky one that happens to everyone periodically. I think it should stop after you give it another go, but if you manage to reproduce it consistently, lmk cuz I need that save data