Dialogue/Conversation Background

For some reason I have had difficulty finding these in places online. Though they are in Nightmare modules, I think they should be somewhere findable online, and not like, some old, decrypt wikia:


0x00 - Lyn’s Tent Background
0x01 - House with fireplace
0x02 - Village (Garden)
0x03 - Village (Garden) (Night)
0x04 - On a Road to a Town or Village
0x05 - On a Road to a Town or Village (Night)
0x06 - On a Road to a Town or Village (Sunset)
0x07 - On a Road to a Town or Village (Partial Dark)
0x08 - On a Road to a Town or Village (Lighter Thing?)
0x09 - Destroyed Village (Originally 0x02)
0x0A - Sea Port
0x0B - Ship
0x0C - Ocean Coast with Rocks
0x0D - Hotel/House
0x0E - Outside of Palace (One in Bern)
0x0F - Outside of Castle (Special)
0x10 - Inside of Castle (Bluish-Green Pillars)
0x11 - Same as 0x10, Darker
0x12 - Room in a Castle (Used in Laus and Caelin?)
0x13 - Same as 0x12, Darker
0x14 - Castle Room (Used in Bern)
0x15 - Castle Hall (Light-Colored Walls)
0x16 - Same as 0x15, Darker, Purple Walls
0x17 - Caelin Castle Garden (used in end of Lyn’s Tale)
0x18 - Castle Garden with Bushes
0x19 - Castle Hallway, Door in Front
0x1A - Same as 0x19, Darker, Purple Walls
0x1B - Prison/Cell
0x1C - Outside, Forest on Left (Grass)
0x1D - Plains with Hill and Mountains in background
0x1E - Same as 0x1C, Sunset
0x1F - Same as 0x1C, Dark/Night
0x20 - Same as 0x1C, Foggy/Cloudy
0x21 - Same as 0x20, More Fog
0x22 - Plains
0x23 - Outside, Forest and Mountains Background
0x24 - Same as 0x23, Part Darker
0x25 - Same as 0x23, Fog
0x26 - Same as 0x23, Sunset
0x27 - Same as 0x24, Darker/Night
0x28 - Same as 0x24, Lighter
0x29 - Forest/Grass with Mountains (Special)
0x2A - Forest with Tall Trees
0x2B - Forest (Special)
0x2C - Forest (Different)
0x2D - Forest with Light out of Corner
0x2E - Forest of 0x2C (Foggy)
0x2F - City (Bulgar)
0x30 - City (Bulgar, Golden)
0x31 - Outside of City Gate
0x32 - Same as 0x31, Sunset
0x33 - Same as 0x31, Darker
0x34 - Same as 0x31 (???)
0x35 - House/Hotel with Bed
0x36 - Outside of Castle/Fortress (Brown)
0x37 - Outside of Castle/Fortress (Gray)
0x38 - Same as 0x36, Night
0x39 - Outside of Castle/Fortress (Different) (Brown)
0x3A - Outside of Castle/Fortress (Gray)
0x3B - Same as 0x39, Different Palette
0x3C - Castle/Dungeon (Inside)
0x3D - Same as 0x3C, Night? (Purple)
0x3E - Same as 0x3C, Sunset?
0x3F - Outside, Abandoned Fortress Background
0x40 - Same as 0x3F, Sunset
0x41 - Same as 0x3F, Foggy
0x42 - Inside Abandoned Fortress (Brown)
0x43 - Inside Abandoned Fortress (Purple/Dark?)
0x44 - Dragon’s Gate Hall/Chamber (Brown)
0x45 - Dragon’s Gate Hall/Chamber (Green)
0x46 - Dungeon Hallway (Brown)
0x47 - Dungeon Hallway (Blue)
0x48 - Dungeon Hallway (Green)
0x49 - Shrine/Alter
0x4A - Athos Shrine/Alter
0x4B - Athos Shrine/Alter (Darker)
0x4C - Shrine Hallway
0x4D - Shrine Hallway (Darker)
0x4E - Shrine Hallway (Purple)
0x4F - Shrine/Alter 2 (Brown)
0x50 - Shrine/Alter 2 (Golden)
0x51 - Desert
0x52 - Desert (Sunset)
0x53 - Dragon’s Gate (Green)
0x54 - Dragon’s Gate (Dark/Night)
0x55 - Fire Pit/Underworld
0x56 - Shrine/Alter 3 (Durandal?)
0x57 - Cave
0x58 - Shrine/Alter 4
0x59 - Sky
0x5A - Camp/Tent with Weapons
0x5B - Black Background
0x5C - Dragon’s Gate (Close-Up)
0x5D - Dragon’s Gate (Close-Up) (Lighter)
0x5E - To Be Continued
0x5F- Game Over


0x00 - Inside House

0x01 - House in Caer Pelyn

0x02 - Village

0x03 - Road to village

0x04 - Road to village(sunset)

0x05 - Village(closeup)(Ch. 5)

0x06 - Village(closeup)(flashback)

0x07 - Portside

0x08 - Aboard the boat

0x09 - Inside a pub

0x0A - Inside Castle

0x0B - Inside Castle(dark)

0x0C - Inside Grado Keep

0x0D - Inside Grado Keep(darker)(flashback?)

0x0E - Inside Conference Hall

0x0F - Inside Conference Hall(flashback)

0x10 - Along Castle Halls(Ch. 1 End)

0x11 - Along Castle Halls(nighttime)

0x12 - Along Castle Halls with Door

0x13 - Courtyard

0x14 - Courtyard(flashback)

0x15 - Outside Castle

0x16 - Outside Castle(flashback)

0x17 - Prison Cell

0x18 - Plainside with Trees

0x19 - Plainside with Trees(sunset)

0x1A - Plainside with Trees(fog)

0x1B - Plainside with Mountain Range

0x1C - Plainside

0x1D - Mountain Range with Trees

0x1E - Mountain Range with Trees(Fog)

0x1F - Mountain Range with Trees(sunset)

0x20 - Mountain Range with Trees(nighttime)

0x21 - Plainside with Pond

0x22 - Forest

0x23 - Thick Forest

0x24 - Outside Village

0x25 - Outside Fortress

0x26 - Within Castle(Ch. 1 start)

0x27 - Within Castle(brown)

0x28 - Inside Ruined Fortress

0x29 - Outside Ruined Fortress

0x2A - Jehanna Hall

0x2B - Jehanna Hall(on fire)

0x2C - Grado Sacred Stone Altar

0x2D - Grado Sacred Stone Altar(grey)(flashback?)

0x2E - Renais Sacred Stone Altar

0x2F - Rausten Sacred Stone Altar

0x30 - Desert

0x31 - Darkling Woods

0x32 - Volcano

0x33 - Front of Dark Temple

0x34 - Inside Dark Temple

0x35 - Garbled mess

0x36 and onward - Crashes Game

If only you weren’t so anti-SF. Then you might have found this topic that has the FE7 backgrounds with pictures in a convenient PDF.

Yup, gotta put FEU out of business so SF can hold its grip on the FE monopoly. People who prefer other sites are just “anti-SF” non-conformists or whatever. Not like the place is crawling with waifu bangers or anything like that…

Wow way to put words in my mouth that I never said.

The guy got a warn he didn’t feel was justified, didn’t accept it, and doesn’t post there anymore. But he’s just “anti-SF”. What gets me, though, is this whole notion of members who frequent both clearly favoring one site over the other. Hell, I still update SF’s EN thread as frequently as FEU’s, if not more frequently. It seems like every time I go off and start a new hacking forum, SF ends up snatching someone up to give their own section an overhaul. Which leads me to the conclusion that, yes, its about competition–and larger forums like SF historically drown out smaller niche-focused places like FEU. So forgive me for my overreaction. FEU exists to promote the collective knowledge of GBAFE ROM Hacking, and I’d hate to see those efforts end up being in vain just because SF wants allllll of the members to go there.

Yo, brohan, I think you just misinterpreted my playful jab at CC’s stubbornness.
For the record, I prefer FEU to SF. I think our relaxed, yet focused community is much more productive and tight-knit.
I just think that refusing to go to a site when it has useful resources is like shooting yourself in the foot.
It’s like you always say, “Take what you need, leave the rest.”

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I was kinda joking at first too, lol, but I figured I should justify that sentimemt. Couldn’t really tell if you were being serious or not.

Maan. #ForumWars. It’s like its 2008 all over again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never forget.

But you forget that it’s impossible to search for something accurately on SF, so

I couldn’t find it last time I tried.


But who will be the camwhores?

I just tried and still couldn’t find it through SF search bar, looooool. That indexing system is a mess!

Because I couldn’t find an FE8 background list with pictures, I made one myself.

Hi, it’s been almost two years since this post, but I’m currently making an
FE8 Conversation Maker like the Fates conversation maker. (here’s a picture)

I’m currently trying to find pictures of all of the FE8 backgrounds, but I can’t find them all anywhere. If you have them without the numbers on them still, would you be able to link me them? If you don’t, could you show me how you got them?

Thank you in advance!


Here’s the image without numbers:

Also that looks really cool!


Actually… I recall there being a massive dump of every conversation background from every fire emblem game ever made.

Aaaand looky what I have here! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ey4kqcbs3qe64qn/Background%20CG's.7z?dl=0