Dewey's new weapon hangs the game if map animations are set

I edited the custom animation editor so the animation would display normally for dewey. And the item itself in the item editor looks basically identical to the normal Tooth weapon (which works fine)

so the custom animation editor is set, item editor is set right too… what’s going on here?

Do you need a Brendor assist?


Check the spell association module, you must assign the “0x0000 Nothing” for animation and the necessary map attributes to every weapon that isn’t a spell.

At least that fixed the problem in my case.

I’m trying to find a way to expand this:

the first drop down (0x7F) but there doesn’t seem to be a list anywhere in the nightmare module folder. Which is weird because I sware I expanded this already…

FE7 Spell Association Editor by Zeld, updated by Nintenlord

Do I mess with this, the actual nmm file, the ‘128’ in particular?

Yeah make it 256 or whatever because there aren’t any bounds


So I need to expand the table.


I need to repoint guuuuh me no wana

thanks mike and brendor :octopus:

How did you fill up the original table?

I think I expanded it without repointing it, so far nothing broke yet.
But I’m just goiing to replace a promo item slot in the animation module that i need.
Its a short term solution and at the moment I can’t be fucked to repoint a table! lol