Desktop Deleted

So I just downloaded FEBuilder the other day. And when I looked at my desktop (where I downloaded it) everything was gone. I saw in that the FE8 of FEBuilder had a CCCleaner folder, so maybe that has something to do with it? Either that or the room or the stuff I downloaded for the program did this, or 7bit that I used to extract it. Did anyone else experience this? And is there any recommendations on how to fix this, mainly recovering the deleted data.
I could give more details if needed.

My guess is your antivirus detected it and removed it. Are you just using CCCleaner or are you using another antivirus?

I use AVG
No, FEBuilder wasn’t deleted. All the folders and files on my desktop were. And just the desktop where I downloaded FEBuilder. The other files on my computer are fine.

I can’t read today, lmfao.

I’m unsure then, you might have a virus or something, did do a scan yet?

I don’t think I have a virus. Has FEBuilder or anything that’s downloaded with it ever come with viruses?

It could also be possible my desktop was wiped by something else before I downloaded it and I just didn’t notice.

I have never heard of any viruses related to febuilder. The code is open source, so please look through it and compile it yourself if you are concerned.

Nope, I’ve had FEBuilder installed since it first came out, and none of my files has deleted themselves.

Alright so it could be something unrelated, or perhaps something I had downloaded alongside FEBuilder. I can’t be too sure though. But thanks anyway for the clarification.

Have you checked your Recycle Bin?
Also you might have had issues extracting the files using 7zip. Try checking the restore feature I believe in 7zip.