First things first, if you’re a site moderator, PLEASE lock this thread if you see it. This post doesn’t need comments or farewells, much less of the toxic variety.

Effective immediately, I will be leaving Fire Emblem ROM hacking behind. All projects I lead that I am working on will be indefinitely suspended, including Fire Emblem 0: Legacy of the Holy War, and any projects I’ve been helping others on, unless previously stated, I will be stepping down from.


It’s been 7 years and the sheer toll on my mental health is no longer worth it. The toxicity in the community has been the worst in recent years, especially directed towards me behind closed doors. I’ve been riddled with trust issues, harassment, and two suicide attempts with the Fire Emblem community or modding being directly responsible. I cannot take it any longer, and I want to move on with my life, looking to move towards commercial game development after being inspired by Path of The Midnight Sun.

What now?

My projects will be put on an indefinite hiatus. I will be leaving Fire Emblem related communities for the most part as I fear potential harassment targeted towards me as a result of being unable to finish Legacy of the Holy War. My DMs on other sites such as Discord will still be available and this isn’t a complete disappearance from the internet

I have no interest in passing down the reins of Legacy of the Holy War or releasing the project in an unfinished state, and I ESPECIALLY have no interest in providing any assets made for the project such as portraits or the custom soundfont. For the love of God, PLEASE do not DM me just to request to use these! Unless you’re a friend and it’s for a good reason, the answer will almost always be no.

I’d like to thank all the great friends I made during my time here. Some of you have been so kind and I appreciate it greatly.

But for some of you… All I’ll say is - here’s hoping we never meet again.