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G’day all, Dense here.
Some of you probably know me for the mugs I created for one of the mugging blitzes bring em back pls . That aside, I never really posted anything. So today, I finally decided to change that by sharing some of my work. These portraits were originally planned to be used for a romhack I was working on buuut I realized that romhacks just aren‘t my cup of tea. If you want to use them for something then feel free to ask.

Three Houses:
SomeDenseGuy%20-%20Hilda%20fe SomeDenseGuy%20-%20timeskip%20hilda SomeDenseGuy%20-%20bernie SomeDenseGuy%20-%20lyssi SomeDenseGuy%20-%20Timeskip%20lyssi SomeDenseGuy%20-%20bernie%20timeskip SomeDenseGuy%20-%20timeskip%20mercedes
I tried something different with pre timeskip Bernadetta and Mercedes by having them face the other direction. I am not sure if it worked out well though. Most of them still aren‘t finished but I will update them once I am done.
(Credit to George Reds for Lysithea’s color Palette. He also made an amazing Lysithea himself.)

Work in progress:
My original Intention was to create a Christmas Anna portrait, but I couldn‘t finish it in time for Christmas. The new year began and new year Anna was announced so I decided to sprite her instead.

That said, I hope you all had a good start into the new year. See ya.:wave:


Bernie :heart_eyes:(the best girl in modern fe)


Are there frames for any of the 3H portraits?

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Did you made the frames for mouth and eyes?


These are lookin’ pretty cool, i’m excited to see the end result of that Anna, she’s looking great!


Nice job on the Lysithea. Tho, I just notice that some of your characters share the same face. Not a bad thing, but I just found it interesting.

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a n n a

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All of these sprites look great! Especially timeskip Mercedes, she looks lovely. I like how you did the frills and the veil.

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