Deleting saved player data or something

Hi. Not knowledgeable when it comes to data or anything.

Is it possible to delete a player unit’s saved data/stats/whatever? Like you have them for a couple chapters then they die or change affiliation… I’m assuming they always have their data saved and are thus counting toward the ~51 player unit save limit.

i.e. killing off/losing characters and deleting their data while introducing new characters and repeating the process to recycle through over 51 player units.

I dunno?

The event command DISA will delete a unit from memory completely, effectively freeing up whatever space they took up. Under normal circumstances, it just sets a few flags to say “this unit is dead” but never actually removes them; this is for uses such as ending data. DISA entirely removes them, which appears to be what you want to do.

I would say so. Guess I assumed wrong. Thank you, knowledgable one.