Deleting a unit's existance from a save?

In FE8, if a player unit dies, and they were added to your party, that unit still exists within the ROM. And if you try to load that unit again with an event, it does not work. Even if you turn off the death flag, they can’t re-join your party.

I’m not looking for a way to revive units. But rather, for a way for them to be completely deleted once they die. Is this possible?

Here, a quick thingy I tossed together.

Essentially, in their death quote remove the quote, add a new event and in that event put the death quote there instead and put an ‘erase character (DISA)’ event afterwards for the character it happens to.


Yesterday I submit an ASMC that is related to what you want to do. I haven’t made a post on it yet but it’s already a patch on FEBuilder, check for ClearZombies. It goes through the unit list and erases units that have 0 HP or have the Dead state set.