hey guys can you guys explain in a dumbed donwway how to change deathquote in fire emblem 7 like for example battas to like “not like this” so i can learn to do it iv been struggling with this for about a week now and cant seem to find out what i have to do

a nmm called deathquote editor + a text edtior (FEA)

i understand that but from nightmare where do i find the value for FEA like i have the death event pointer but i dont know what to do to that value to get the FEA value to find the text

the index(es) values should be found in the death quote nightmare modules

“text value” is what you would enter in FEditor to find your desired death quotes, most if not all text can be found this way in their corresponding nightmare modules.

oh i was using part 1-2 and that didnt show the value and i was so confused thank you guys srry for the inconvenience

as a fyi, part 1 does work too but its for lyn mode. that offset you see is the location of the index values in the ROM that you can find with a hex editor like HxD