Death Quotes will not switch for chapter

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  • Hacking method: FeBuilder
  • Base Game: Fe 8
  • Steps to reproduce: Create a chapter specific event for a death quote of a main lord.
So the problem I am having is that i have death events for a certain chapter but the any event keeps playing instead.

specific death quotes need to be above the nonspecific ones in the list in order for them to trigger.

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And what chapter has been set for the death quote that will trigger this event? If it says any chapter in death quotes, that’s how it will work - in any chapter.

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So I figured that so I have the chapter specific quote towards the the top. With the any chapter quote towards the bottom.

So like Lewis Death Quote Ch. 5
Tons of other quotes
Lewis Death Quote Any.

Also for chapter 5 they have a specific killer.

Make sure you aren’t setting the completion flag for the special death quote someplace else in the chapter.

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So I seemed to have fixed it by removing who the killer had to be.
Perhaps since the death of the unit was scripted.
I also added death quotes for each other chapter just to be sure there would be no other problems