Deadlord type of character like in FE 5

Is there any way to use FE Builder to make playable chracters revive into a deadlord type character if they aren’t recruited or dead?

if the character isn’t in the character’s roster, the deadlord will have the same portrait like the character would have


When loading the deadlord, first use CHECK_ALIVE to see if the character is alive, then either:
-load a different version of the deadlord depending on the result.
-set a flag based on the result and use one of the “change portrait based on flag” patches to change the portrait of the deadlord while that flag is on.


where do i use check_alve?

In the event that loads the unit. So, usually that would be in the start event of the chapter, or the event that spawns them as reinforcements if they don’t start on the map

in unit placer, right?

No, in the Event Editor, specifically in the event that calls the unit load
(Well, you’d use the Unit Placer to place the alternative version to load if using the first method, but the check whether the unit’s alive is still handled in events)

You can still use two characters when using CHECK_ALIVE

You can take as an example the event that I use in my project

I did this without knowing that you could change the portrait with flags lol

can i do this to add certain turn reinforcements

Check if is in party and alive.
Load a different unit with a different portrait depending on result.

If Deadlord is from an NPC etc.
When an event that triggers that would determine which deadlord to use, set one of the global flags.
You can then check the global flag to determine which unit to spawn.