Dawn of the Dark Is In Development! [Host of the Dark 2!]

!! WARNING !! This page contains spoilers for the ending of Host of the Dark. This project in general will heavily spoil Host of the Dark and it is highly recommended that you complete the original game first before playing when this eventually releases.


Welcome back, everyone. It’s crazy to think that Host of the Dark is a nearly complete package now. Regardless of how crazy it is, it’s time for my next big project to be revealed! Dawn of the Dark.
This sequel hack will be quite a big departure from Host of the Dark gameplay wise, while the original game was simplistic and didn’t stray too far from vanilla this hack will be experimental and utilize the community made Skillsystems. Every map will hopefully offer something new and fast, frantic gameplay. Difficulty will also ramp up a fair bit earlier as it’s assumed you’ve all played the original game all the way through.
With this introduction out of the way I think it’s time I talk a bit about the story of this new hack.

200 years have passed since the end of the last demon’s war and much has changed since the first king of Cloigeann, Sal Mars, ascended the throne. The continent has divided itself, first in twain, then twice more. Leaving the once unified continent in an unstable, yet reassuring peace, however… That peace was not meant to last.

Demon King Sol’s resurrection is at hand and the Church of Solis has made their move on the Kingdom of Sol, the very kingdom king Sal had created all those years ago.

The descendant of king Sal, young Akaria Mars now is faced with the difficult challenge of both meeting with the Demon King before the Church of Solis can destroy him first, and to reclaim her lost kingdom. However, with the old generals Serenity and Tamaki by her side she won’t go down without a fight.

Now let’s move onto some screenshots showcasing some key features.

Face foes with relics of a bygone era to claim them as your own.

Fight alongside once fierce foes now as reliable comrades.

Select Akaria’s personal weapon based on who you paired Sal with in Host of the Dark!

Name this My Unit and select what they seek more over all else.

A new take on effective weapons.

New weapons with interesting skills attached to them.

Utilize positional skills to detangle and disrupt enemy formations.

With much more to come!

Projected release date: Idk
I’d like to have the first demo available to the public by the release of this year’s FEE3, however I want to make sure this hack gets as much time in the oven as it needs. Members of the Host of the Dark server who have completed Host of the Dark have access to beta builds and have so far found a lot to like about this hack so I’m looking forward to seeing reception here! Look forward to at least six chapters of gameplay in the first patch.

I think that’s all for now, of course credits to all of these wonderful assets will be available once the UPS is first linked, most if not all can be found in the graphics repository.

I’m also open to answering any questions anyone may have, so don’t be afraid to ask!



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I wish you luck

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Figured I should update you all on how things are going.

Chapters 1-6 have been completed and are currently in the process of being played by playtesters. 7 and 8 also have their maps finished.
Story writing has definitely slowed down the development process as there’ve been some pretty big revisions and additions, mostly to the worldbuilding and how Cloigeann interacts with Magvel.
I’m sure you guys want some screenshots so I’ll post a few