Dancer ring issue[Resolved?]

c/p’d from serenes.

so i’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to have Eliwood as a bard, able to use rings, but unable to use the Play ability. I’ve tried literally 50 combinations of different item attributes/weapon abilities, but nothing seems to go the way i want it too. What I mean is, I’m trying to make it so Nils (well, my bard character) can be the only character to use the Ninis Grace, use it on blue units, and not able to attack red units with it.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but “Locked to Eliwood” as a weapon ability isn’t working? Other characters can use the Ninis Grace. I tried to solve that by setting the weapon ability 2 to 0x11, which would basically make it identical to the rapier. and weapon ability 1 as a weapon. But, snatchurally this made he Ninis Grace become a weapon that could be used on enemies.

i’ve also tried setting the ninis grace to staff and stuff, that didn’t work either. It seems that “Locked to Eliwood” just didn’t work like i thought it would.

any ideas? does anyone have experience in this sort of thing? I’m pretty desperate for answers as this is literally the last thing before i can release a public patch.

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do? Do you want to make the rings an item you use? (as in, through the use command or like a staff?)

In my haze of not entirely understanding, wouldn’t it be simpler to just rename the play command to something that would fit your context?

none of the weapon locks work because it’s not a weapon, the answer is that you probably need assembly

There’s a pointer table to routines that determine if an item is usa/staff/dance-able. Check blazer’s notes on custom items for details – but in effect, you can change the effect to also check for the bard or dancer class and lock it that way.

wow, this is awesome. Already answers lol. Okay so,

-L95 i am really bent on trying to make the actual dance/play ability available on promotion. and have the ability for rings to be used for the unpromoted unit.

@Crazycolorz5, i’ll look at blazer’s notes on that, i’ll look around for it. is there a way to “change the effect to also check for the bard or dancer class and lock it that way.”? via nightmare?

@Agro, i thought that would be the case. If it came down to that as the last option, I would literally request it lol. Hopefully there’s a work around :frowning:

thanks everyone. Happy for the quick response

No, you MUST edit the existing routine.

I’d be glad to do it if I weren’t so lazy to look up the table.

… ugh fine I’ll do it.

sorry :frowning:

Actually… this IS NOT as simple as it looks – it doesn’t use item usability (it points to the routine that’s “return false”), it uses something else. Probably tied to the play effect. Maybe I’ll do this in the future, but I don’t feel up to this right now.

:o, okay! thanks a lot for the help. This is kind of out of my zone and I don’t really know what you’re saying but I appreciate it nonetheless!

edit- in the meantime, ill just set it to weapon and tell people its useless as a weapon